Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fuji Rock Sunday 31st July

Got up and it was sunny! Hooray..
Left the hotel and headed straight down to the first stage to shoot The Magic Numbers.. I shot the show then did a photoshoot with them all. They are bloody great.. I know I alsways seem to say how good bands are, but I only generally go on about the good ones. they are really nice people as well. I had to wait a while outside there green room (Tent) as they were having a heated discussion about the sound on stage.. I could see during the gig that they were having problems, although, the sound was great out front.. They didnt know that though. There songs are real and refreshing.. A major step back to great music with great harmonies.. There is something very special about them.. If yo uget a chance check thgem out.. As soon as I had finished with them, I went off with Kid Carpet to do a photo shoot. We did sopme mad photos. he is a real character, very funny and entertaining. He neeeds a mojor TV slot.. I think Jonathan Ross in the UK and Jay Leno in the states would be good, Mind you, it would also be great to see The Magic Numbers on their as well.

Asfter I finished with kid Carpet, I ran back over to the stage where Aqualung were playing. I have never seen them before. Sorry to sound boring, but, they were bloody great.. I only managed to get the last few songs. I then did a quick shhot with them back stage. they gave me their japanese CD. Really nice guys and great music.. Now here is a funny thing. They old me that they are on their way to LA next to do The Jay Leno show.. Funny that.. I am sure they will go down very very well in the USA. The next band I shot was The Futurheads.. Great live band, full of energy and exciting songs as well. After the show I did a shoot with them. We only had a few mins, in fact seconds, but managed to get a bit of a Japanese feel about it..

I then headed back to production to meet up with Chris Musto. We downloaded all of my images onto his laptop and I headed back out to shgoot some more.. This tiem it was to shoot the wonderfull Coral. I took a ride on this occasion in their bus. This saved me a bloody long wet walk. had a brief chat in the bus. Some of them remebered me from the last time I we met, which was a year or so ago at the Teenage Cancer Trust concert at the Albert Hall, London, where they supported The Who.. Once I had finished with them I shot over to another stage to do a shoot with New Order, then shoot their show. Had a nice chat with their manager backstage as he is into photography, seemed to know quite a bit about it really.. Als, was a very nice chap.. I then hot footed back to Production where I met up again with Chris.. We are supposed to be going back to Tokyo tonight at midnight.. He told me that he now has to stay up here at Naeba until Tuesday.. So, I will travel back on my own as I am going to meet up with The Kaiser Cheifs and The Bravery. I dont supose I will get back to Tokyo until about 4 or 5am.. Now the other problem I have is that Chris has most of my images on his laptop... he wont be with me until Tuedsay.. It just seems to get worse and worse on the Techi side.. Oh well.. Better sign off as I need to check out of my hotel and get my bags down to meet my driver.. to head off to Tokyo..

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fuji Rock Saturday 30th July

Got up and ached all over/ Got my gear together, it all needed drying out.. heasded from the hotel down to production. Met up with Chris Musto. I then heasded off to shoot Maximo Park.. They were very good. It started raining during the show and I got the feelinmg that this was going to be anothger wet, humid and exhausting day.. I then rushed off to another stage to meet up with The Bravery I shot there show and then did some back stage shots and hung with them. We all took the bus back to production, which was nice. Not having to walk that was. We then did more photos and I did a nice shots with Sam Endicott. Nice guys all of them. We will be hanging out together with them and The kaiser Chiefs in Tokyo. I then met up with The Gang of Four. The last time we met was when I did a feature shoot for Mojo Magazine in Leeds in the UK in January.. It was nioce to see them. I went back into the dressing room area to make some arrangements iwth Becks manager to do a shoot with him.. We then did that shoot and I legged it off to shoot his show. This was very wet akward to shoot because of that. I then went over in the pouring rain to shoot Brightons veru own, Fatboy slim.. AKA Norman Cooke.. There was such a big crowd.. The rain was coming down in sheets.. I will put up some images when I get the chance, but cant do it with a laptop.. I then met up with Sean and Chris Musto at the Palace of Wnder stage to shoot Kid Carpet. He is utterly amazing and barking mad.. I need more time to explain quite how cool he is.. I will hopefully get back to Kid Carpet when I get down to Tokyo in a day or so. I left the The Palace of Wonder with Chris at about 5:30 am.. We then walked to the hotel.. I am so shattered but somehow still going.. Need to make sure that all that need charing up, is in fact charging up.. Then get to sleep.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Fuji Rock day Friday 29th July

Got up earley after a late night.. Today was busy. Started of photgraph9ing Simple Plan. I then met up with the Kaiser Chiefs. They are great.. Shot them live and backstage as well. Then rushed over to shoot The Music.. Went off and did more backstage shots. I then rushed off to for a quick shoot with Chris Martin, then shot the Coldplay show. I then had to run over to the white stage, which was a bloody long way. By now it was dark, raining and muddy. I Walked quite a long way along very busy path`s with thousands of fans and eventualy arrived at the White Stage. That is wher The Pogues were playing. Went back to the dressing room said hi to them all, no Shane though.. He was on his way. When he arrived we did a few shots and then spent a few mins with him and I trying to break large peices of ice into smaller bits so that we could get the ice in his two big glasses of gin. We just about did it in time and then off to the stage we went. We sis a qucik band shoot with everyone at the foot of the stage.. There was a massive crowd there amde they all seemed to know the words to the songs.. I shot the frist part of the show, thej legged it through the jungle pathes with thousands of fans again in th erain and mud, carrying all of my camera equipment back to meet up with Dave Grohl. Just got there in time.. Did a very quick shoot, the shot the Foo Fighters gig, That was also amazing.. I then had a very nice wet humid and long walk back to the production office.. I am now completely shattered. I need to muster up the energy to walk with all of my gear from here at production to the hotel, another 20 mins walk.. Those of you that know me would agree that I do need the excersice.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Fuji Rock Thursday 28th July

Chris, Ruby and I went to the Fuji Rock promoters office in Tokyo at about 11am. Met up again with Johnnie Fingers. I hadnt seen him before this trip to Japan for about 20 years or more.. He hasnt changed much at all. We were then transported by the promotors to Mount Naeba.. This ride took about 4 hours. We arrived at Maount Naeba late in the afternoon, checked into the Prince Hotel on site and then headed out to the first stage for the opening act.. I was told that there would be little or no internet up here.. This has proved to be irrelevent as my laptop has now died.. Big problems for me now.. Getting great photos but firstly not being able to send them out and nowewhere to save them.. Thanks to Chris Musto I am now putting them on his Apple laptop, which foreign to me as I am a PC boy.. The weather up here is incredibly humid. With sudden outbursts of tropical rain. We are way up in the mountains here. It also is very jungle like in places. There are about 6 stages and there is about half an hour to an hours awalk between stage.. So, after carrying all of my gear and trying to keep it all dry and walking about 20 miles today. I am fine. I ache all over and am pretty frustrated about the laptop disaster, but it is truly awonderful place and I am glad I am here..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Arrive in Tokyo

Had a good flight to Japan. One great thing about ANA (All Nippon Airlines) is that they have camera in the nose of the plane. So, when the plane is on taxi to depart you can see ahead of you. Also when you take off the camera switches to a vertical shot, so you can see the ground.. When we were coming into Narita, the camera came on and I could see the sea below, with ships etc. Then the camera swung up and you can see the airport approaching ahead.. Then you can see the runway and whole landing. All very cool..

We arrived in at Nariota airport all OK.. This is Tokyo's main airport, but still about 2 hours drive from Tokyo... Strange eh !! But true.. We caught the friendly, limousine Bus to the ANA Hotel,Tokyo. Then we caught a cab to Chris's office.. We were going to be driven today, up to Naeba where the Fuji Rock Festival is to take place, but now we are going tomorrow. So, we got a hotel, The Prince Hotel, next to the Tokyo Tower.. Quite a nice hotel. Chris, Ruby and I went out for a quick bite before we collapsed.. I think we have been up for about 2 days... Or so it feels anyway.. So off we went and walked around to find a resteraunt.. Ruby wanted a curry, so we walked about for half an hour or so. She wanted to find a restaurant that she knew.. We couldn't find it so, we shot into a nice small little place which did the trick, considering we are all so tired.. Ruby had Nachos... So much for the curry.. We then headed back to the hotel, where I had a quick shower and collapsed into bed....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Leave London for Japan

Editing like mad all day.. Then got picked up at about 4pm and headed to Heathrow Airport. Met up with Chris Musto and Ruby at the airport.. We then caught the ANA flight to Narita Airport, Tokyo.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Lenny Kravitz

I had to some filming down in Bournmouth. Then late in the afternoon, made a mad dash back up to London. I was shooting Lenny Kravitz at The Brixton Academy.. I also had to travel through Stockwell. That is where the Police had shot a terrorist suspect earlier in the day.. Traffic was awful. I only just made it to the gig a short while before Lenny came on stage. We were only allowed to shoot the first two songs.. Got some lovely ones anyway..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Favours

Had a busy day, it is my little boys 12th Birthday... So, Happy Birthday Sam.. I love you millions... After his birthday dinner I had to shoot of into London.. I was going to see The Favours. They are fantastic. I did a shoot with them a few months ago for publicity. They are a four peice band from Hull. They are fab.. Well worth checking them out if they are near you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Babyshambles - Copyright 2005
Danny Clifford

Here are some exclusive shots of Babyshambles. Pete is obviously upsetting a few people at the moment what with canceling the impending tour and all.. Things don't seem all rosy in the camp at the moment.. He is a naughty boy..

Babyshambles -
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Monday, July 18, 2005

More paperwork

Spent the day dealing with the moutain of paperwork the I have.. Not much fun.. Still feel pretty rough..

Sunday, July 17, 2005

More Guilfest with Status Quo

Back to Guilfest. Today the headliners are the one and only Status Quo.. supported on the main stage by Daniel Beddingfield.. I wonder who books these acts!! Who would have ever put Daniel Beddinfield on before Status Quo.. I managed to get out before the crowd and got home at a reasonable time for a change.. Must admit I feel a bit run down and generally shattered. So, I am glad it wasn't too much of a late night.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Paul Weller

Paul Weller
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Guilfest beckons.. Nice drive down to Guildford in Surrey.. I parked up and wandered in to the festival.. There were so many happy snappers there.. Only a few serious photographers.. Lots of the happy snappers looked like they had bought there cameras en-route to the festival.. I don't mind them, but I do object when they get in your way on purpose in the small photo pit areas. They seem to feel that this is their big moment and nobody is going to stop them being a music photographer... It's even funny when you see some of them standing in a kind of strange pose. The sort of pose you would do if you were trying to mimic a photographer.. But they are doing it for real.. Anyway, later when Paul Weller came on they had their 3 songs.. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to shoot the whole show.. So, had all the time and space needed... Paul Weller is amazing..
Paul Weller
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
It was all well and good photographing Paul Weller today. However, more importantly, today is my little boy Jonathan's 18th Birthday.. So, Jono, your a big boy now.. I understand he is going camping with friends & My daughter as well.. God help the locals wherever they are going..

Friday, July 15, 2005

Queen & Paul Rodgers Hyde Park - London

Its hot here in London at the moment.. Perfect weather for an outdoor concert. I arrived at Hyde Park at about 5:30 pm. I was kept waiting at the press gate fpr a while.. There was also a security alert.. Everyone is a little bit jumpy with security at the moment.. I am glad they are being quite thorough.. I would arather that than the alternative.. Anyway, go it and straight into the photo pit. Razorlight had just gone on.. They are getting better and better.. In my humble opinion, they are going to be huge.. After they came off stage I went backstage into the VIP area and met up ewith a few familiar faces... Johnny Borrell and I had a chat about football. He told me that he understood why Patrick Viera wanted to leave my beloved team, Arsenal.. ' He want to go to a bigger club' umm thanks Johnny.. For those who dont know, Johnny supports Chelsea.. He was being rather smug.. Well you cant balme him really.. Chelsea did do rather well..
Johnny Borrell
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
I was then thinking... The last time I photographed Queen in Hyde park was, I think 1976.. Anyway, thay day I was still at school and was invited up to the gig by my mate, a guitarist , Ollie Halsall.. He was playing that day as well. I was wandering around under the stage when I noticed a few lights.. Freddie was getting ready to go on stage via a lift and a hole in the middle sof the stage.. I didn't know his at all at that stage. We had a brief chat and I asked him if I could take some photos. He said 'of course you can dear boy' so I proceeded to take shots of him under the stage.. Oh where am I... I must have drifted off.. I was back in the 70's then..
Freddie Mercury
Copyright 1976 Danny Clifford
I am now in 2005 and back at Hyde Park, sadly without Freddie. However, Paul Rodgers is very different and quite amazing.. I did mention this in one of my previous diary notes.. You cannot compare the two of them, Paul is very special.. He is surely the only person who could pull this together.. The show was amazing. I don't know quite how many people were there. It looked mobbed.. They must have been about 80-90,000 people there.. I did get some great shots.
Brian May & Freddie
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Queen & Paul Rodgers
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

After the show, I went back to the dressing rooms and we took some photos. We had the head of British Transport Police and Assisiant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police there as well. Queen & Paul Rodgers had given thousands of tickets away to London's Emergency workers.. That was a really nice thing to do. They all deserve a little break in these stressful, troubled times in London..

Paul Rodgers

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I eventually go home at about 2:30, edited up some images and went to be at about 4:30.. No wonder I am always tired..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What a lovely day

Such a lovely day today.. I had a meeting way out in the Oxfordshire countryside.. I didn't quite know where I was going so, ended up going the scenic route.. I am glad I did. Apart from slow moving farmers on tractors it was a wonderful drive. I listened to some great music on the way. Had a really nice meeting with the wonderful Stuart Cox, who happens to be a really, nice guy. Stuart showed me a copy of this weeks British Journal of Photography. I was interviewed a few weeks back and it is in this edition. There is a nice shot that I took of Annie Lennox in there as well.

I then headed back home later in the day and spent the rest of the day editing up images and try to deal with the 32 foot high pile of urgent correspondence. I am now going boss eyed.. I think I may soon start drinking again.. Haven't drunk anything for about 20 years.. Everynone tells me to start on red wine.. ummm.. well, I don't think I will bother.. Maybe in a year or two..

Heard from my Dad who is in LA. He has bought a copy of People Magazine. I have some photos in there from Live 8. The is also a nice shot taken by Dave Hogan of Joss Stone. Dave was on stage and also managed to get all of us photographers in the shot as well.. So, fame at last for me. It might at least make my mum and dad proud of me.

Busy day tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Los Lobos at Somerset House

Los Lobos
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
Just for a change had a mad rush again to today.. Drove into central London for a quick meeting.. I then had lunch with two of my favourite girls, Lyn & Sarah. We went to Hamburger Haven in Dean Street.. this was recomended by Sarah. I am not big on burgers or even red meat. I am slowly becoming a vegitarian... Anyway, not yet a veggie, so had a chicken burger and salad. It was proper chicken, not mashed up old bits of chicken. It was very nice.. Then off for another meeting then raced out of town for one last meeting.. Then grabbed my cameras and laptop and headed back into london to photograph Los Lobos at Somerset House.

Los Lobos
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

The last time I saw David Hidalgo, guitarist in Los Lobos, was last June in Dallas, USA. David, my borther Simon & I had lunch together.. This was at the start of the Eric Clapton US tour at the Crossroads Guitar Festival at the 90,000 seater Cotton Bowl.
So, tonight, after shooting Los Lobos I headed over to Jon Gardners house.. I have a problem with my laptop. Jon sorted it out for me in no time.. He is such a clever chap..
All in all another late night..

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bloc Party

Kele Okereke
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Busy, busy, day again.. It's all rush, rush, rush. I need a faster car. Actually, I don't... I think the heat is getting to me. After all the rushing, go back to Somerset House and shoot Bloc Party.. They are causing quite a stir out there.. This is the first time I have photographed them.. I didn't get to hear them though. I had my earplugs in as always.
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Mind you even if I didn't I would hear them as I never do, I am too busy concentrating on what I am doing.. The sign of a true pro eh !! Or maybe, more realistically, I cant do two things at the same time..

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bright Eyes at Somerset House

Conor Oberst - Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I must admit, I had never heard of Bright Eyes.. However, I had vaguely heard of the main man in the band, Conor Oberst. Again, it was a really lovely evening.. I sat on the veranda out by the river Thames and waited for the call by security to come through and shoot the show.. I sat with a few other photographers while we waited.. I saw Johnny Borrell from Razorlight turn up at the gig.. We were near the guest entrance as well.. I had a chat with Johnny and made arrangements to shoot the next Razorlight gig later this week.. Johnny wants me to send him some of the photos we took up in the Arctic Circle a few weeks ago. Also, he would like some photos that I took at Live 8. I then photographed the show and jumped in my car and then sat in traffic for ages whilst attempting to make it to a meeting for which I was now very late.. London's roads are rather buggered up at the moment, mostly due to diversions because of the recent bombings..

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cornbury Music Festival Day 2

Elvis Costello
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
I travelled back up to Cornbury Park in the afternoon. Today Lucie Silvas, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel and topping the bill, Elvis Costello.. It was a lovely sunny day, I think I caught the sun a bit.. very nice..

Got some shots of Lucie Silvas back stage and also had a chat with her. She was off to New York tomorrow for a showcase.. She already has a record deal out there. She should soon be pretty big out there.

I went back out the to stage and shot Steve Harley & Cockney rebel who were fantastic.. They really do have some great songs.. 'Come up and see me', 'Mr Soft' etc etc.. Brilliant songs..

Steve Harley
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Whilst I was waiting backstage I saw the familiar figure of Paddy (The Plank)Callaghan walking towards me.. I have known him for approximately 30 years, but each time we meet, I still have to introduce myself.. He and his brother Jim (Callagahn) used to do the security for The Who in the old days. I first met them when I was hanging out with Keith Moon in 1977 -1978. I then later toured with Bob Dylan in late 1978 and Jim was Bob's personal security. Both of them are really nice chaps.. Where was I ? Oh yes, back in 2005 and on a country estate called Cornbury Park.. Paddy and I were chatting, Elvis arrived with him and jumped out if his Mercedes with tinted windows.. We did a quick couple of photos and that was that. A short while later, we went down to the stage and shot Elvis.. His is bloody fabulous.. I then drove back to London... I did also take the unhappy camper, Micky Mocca ' King of The Jungle' This saved him walking about 30 miles through country lanes pulling his tent behind him.. He really should buy a jam jar (car for those who don't speak cockney rhyming slang).

Lucie Silvas
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cornbury Music Festival - Joe Cocker

Amy Winehouse
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Busy day just for a change !! Seems that every day is that way. I should really try and start to relax a bit.. Always rushing with to much to do. Anyway, I eventually got on my way and traveled up the M40 out to Oxford and beyond.. I passed Blenheim Palace. I was there recently photographing Diana Ross.. Any past Blenheim and carried on to Cornbury Park.. This is yet another beautiful setting. A country park and lots of land.. I am sure I have been there before. I got to the production office and was met by the PR team. Really nice people, I think they new I was coming. Micky Mocca 'King of The Jungle' had informed them of my impending arrival. Micky was already up there as he had traveled by train from London. I did offer him a lift, but he wanted to travel by train. I was offered a lift with all my gear in a buggy down to the stage. When we got there I saw Micky Mocca. We met up and watched the last couple of songs of Bonnie Tyler.. Now, I thought she had retired.. Maybe she should call it a day now..

About an hour later, Amy Winehouse came on and got stuck into her performance. I shot that and headed back to Production to wire my images out. Then we headed back to the stage for Joe Cocker. I got some good shots, then again legged it about what seemed like twenty miles to the production office.. Those of you that know me, know that I don't travel light.. I always seem to over do it with equipment.. I try and make sure I have everything for any eventuality.. Bearing that in mind, I carried all of my ten tomns of gear back and wired out some photos of Joe Cocker..
Joe Cocker
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Once I had finished , I said goodbye to Micky Mocca 'King of The Jungle' who has decided to stay up there and camp.. He is obviously mad.. I jumped in my car and got out of the park before the concert ended.. Apparently, last year, it was 2AM before all of the cars managed to get out of the park, as there is only one small exit.. I didn't fancy getting stuck in there.. So off I went and headed South back to the Metropolis. On the way back I heard on the radio that Birmingham City Centre has been evacuated due to a security alert.. Here we go again..

Friday, July 08, 2005

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I felt bloody horrible today.. Must have some sort of cold again.. Ache all over.. Anyway, enough moaning.. I dosed myself up with medicine and headed into central London to Somerset House.. I went past Russell Square and Woburn Place. This is where the Bus was blown up yesterday.. It is still there. Although I couldn't go down that road itself.. Not that I wanted to.. Anyway, I arrived at Somerset house and checked in and photographed the support band, Zabrinski.. They were very good and a bit different..

I then photographed Super Furry Animals.. They had mad uniforms on. They all looked like the grim reaper.. I know nothing about them and I am probably sound like a bloody idiot, because no doubt they have an album or something out called Grim Reaper and I know nothing about it. Anyway, it doesn't matter either way, cos I was only photographing them, not writing a press release. I got some quite colorful shots of them. I then gave Mickey Mocca 'King of the Jungle' a lift home.. He is a very good, hard working photographer.

Super Furry Animals
Copyright 2005
Danny Clifford

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombs & More Bombs

I woke up to news that London had been bombed.. I watched Sky News as it unfolded.. It was bloody horrible. Obviously, at first we had no clear idea what had happened or really where it had happened. There were so many differing reports and rumors..

I called and eventually managed to get through to my brother in law, Simon who works in Liverpool Street. He is an Oil Broker. He had go off one of those trains a few mins before. He couldn't make any out bound calls. He wanted to get out of London as quickly as possible. There were no trains or busses running in his area at all.. So, we suggested that he started walking North up the A10. I go in my car and a few hours later we met up at Tottenham. Right opposite the football ground.. I should have worn my Arsenal shirt.. Anyway, we then made our way out of the area. We also had the two Mark's with us. They work with Simon in town.. I dropped them off on the way.. I am glad it's all over for us.. Must be a very bad day for about 50 families right now who have lost someone.. No doubt that figure will rise.. All in all a pretty horrible day.. I should really be in LA.. It's a lot safer than London in every way..

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another Hectic Day

I had several meetings in London.. I then had to belt it up the M1 to Bedford before 6pm to collect some camera equipment.. I then had to race back down to central London to Photograph The Doves at Somerset House.. This is right next to the River Thames. It is all very historical and pretty..

The Doves
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

So, London has won the Olympic Games for 2012.. I had better get myself in training.. I am not sure yet which event I will enter into, it all depends on how I will feel on the day.. Maybe 3 legged race, egg and spoon or even hunt the Easter Egg.. Anyway, it's good news for London and commiserations to Paris....not.

The Doves
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Monday, July 04, 2005

Long day...

Another long day... I have been editing all day.. I am going cross eyed.. I need oxygen and a long walk.. Apart from how I feel, I understand that I have had a lot of my Live 8 photos in nearly all of the UK Daily Papers. I had a front cover on the Daily Express and loads of big images in nearly all of the others.... That is the UK.. I hope that the coverage is as good around the world. I will find out in a few days.. All in all, for me personally, a very productive Live 8.. I hope that it is for the children of Africa. I am not just saying that, I really mean it.. When I think about one very moving moment at Live 8. It was when Bob showed a video of the little girl with an estimated 10 mins to live.. The camera crew and everyone with them helped her survive.. Anyway, I was standing in front of the stage at Live 8, when Bob brought that girl on stage.. Quite amazing.. That brought it home even harder that she could have died because of lack of food, medicine or whatever, all because of lack of money.. About time someone also removed Robert Mugabe..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

A day of Editing

I finally managed to get myself out of bed at around midday.. I still ached all over, I must be pretty unfit. I have got to join a gym and if I do, this time I must actually go and do some excersise. Not just go to the gym for lunch, which is what I did last time I joined a very nice expensive gym.

I started editing more Live 8 photos.. This is is likely to take a long time as I took so many photos on the day.. I understand that I have a nice big photo of Madona in the UK's Sunday Times newspaper.. I also had quite a few other photos in other papers in the UK.. So, hopefully, I will have had quite a lot of pictures used around the world.. I will find out in time.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

LIVE 8 London

I was one of about 45 photographers allowed to shoot this, the main event in London. There were photographers from some of the leading publications worldwide. I was Shooting Live 8 for Rolling Stone Magazine. So, thank you to them for that.
Sir Paul McCartney
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
What a day.... I made my way to Jon, number one assistant's house.. He then ran me down to Hyde Park, London.. The only trouble was that the roads were all being closed. It was 11 am in the morning.. We decided it would be best for me to jump out Marble Arch, the other end of Hyde Park.. Traffic wasn't moving and time was moving on.. So, out I jumped and grabbed all two hundred camera bags.. I had packed for a long and eventful day. I walked at great speed through crowds of thousands of people (who were all traveling the opposite way to me) to Hyde Park Corner. I then headed on into the park itself, through the first of many barriers of security. I eventually reached the press and guest entrance. All of my bags were searched and in I went. I headed for the media tent. It was quite a site.. Media from arounf the world all checking their internet connections for wireing there images and reports.. Very soon after arriving we had a briefing then were were led out to the front of stage for the main event.. In no time at all the show began..
It all happened so fast that right now I cant even remember who I photographed.. Some of the people who appeared were Madona, U2, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, George Michael, Sting, The Sterophonics, Joss Stone, R.E.M. Razorlight, Keane, Annie Lennox, Mariah Carey, The Who & The amazing Pink Floyd, who were finally back together. This was the first time they had all performed together since, I think about 1981..
Roger Waters
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
Dave Gilmore
Copyright 2005
Danny Clifford
Copyright 2005
Danny Clifford
There were many more artists performing but rught now I cant remember who. I am too tired to think. I stayed in the photo pit right in front of the stage from luchtime until about 11.45 pm .. What a long day.. Even though it was very hard work.. heavy cameras hanging round my neck all day and standing for such a lomg time.. I am not going to moan.. It was quuite an amazing event.. One, I am sure i will remember for the rest of my life.. I supose I am a very lucky boy doing this for a living.. I do realise that fact..
I did finally get home at about 4am. I was very very sore and was glad to fall with a thump into my bed..

Diana Ross at The Palace

Very busy day today.. In and out of London.. The traffic was mad.. Not that I want to comment on the UK government's plans to charge drivers per mile.. When they do that, nearly everyone I know will leave. If they tried that in the USA the public wouldn't allow it.. In the UK ??? It probably will happen... It will be awful. Anyway, enough of my party political broadcast on behalf of the RANT party..

I was off to the Palace to photograph Diana Ross. No, not Buckingham, but Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, near Oxford, UK. It is the most wonderful setting for a concert.. This is the home of the Duke of Marlborough and the birth place of the one and only Sir Winston Churchill.. Its well worth a visit..

Diana Ross looked fantastic.. I say this all too often, but you all must agree she is a Legend.. A joy to photograph as she made it easy for me. She is very professional and seemed to know where the cameras were.. Diana Ross - Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

The shame was that this was an outside concert and sadly it started to rain after about the 5th song.. I did have my all in one poncho that I bought for 3 pounds on the way in. I must have looked so bloody stupid.. It was bright yellow... You couldn't miss me..

Tomorrow is going to be a very very busy day as I am back down to Hyde Park in central London as I am shooting Live8..