Thursday, February 10, 2005

Off to LA

After mad night last night with no sleep at all, I am heading out to Heathrow Airport. I am off to LA for a while.. I never seem to sleep in planes.. I will try this time though..

Get to LA and it's pouring.. It's been raining for a week. If there is to be rain out here it would be around this time of year.. Oh well.. what do I care..

My Mum & Dad pick me up at LAX and as we head off up the Pacific Coast Highway on our way to my house they tell me that my mum is going into hospital tomorrow for a small heart opperation.. Rather scary.. All a bit sudden for my liking..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Brits After Show Party

I was asked to photograph the aftershow party for the BRIT awards at The Embassy Club in London. Saw Rolan Bolan there and he was telling me how excited he was about the new film that sill be released soon. I think it's called Born to Boogie. It is all about his dad Mark Bolan. Ringo Star had filmed the only really usable live gigs of T-Rex in the early 70's. He has released this footage to Rolan who is fronting up this documentary. Mind you he does has his own music career as well.. Bruce Dickinson was also in good spirit. We talked aviation for about half an hour. He is really into his flying.. It does sound like fun. The party went on until about 4am. I then had to get all images edited up and out before I leave for Los Angeles in the morning. So, lots of coffee for me..