Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Peter Green & Chris Cornell Live in London

The day started quite early for me. I had loads of admin to do, then grabbed my cameras and rushed into Soho in central London. I had to get to the Soho Screening Rooms to see the preview of the life story of the Legend, Peter Green. The film is called "Man of The World" For those of you who don't know, Peter was the founder of Fleetwood Mac. A band that in the late 60's were selling more records than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. So, I arrived in Soho and headed into the Screening Rooms reception. When I arrived I was offered Champagne etc. Which would have been good if I had accepted as I haven't drunk for about 20 years. I would have fallen over. It would have been funny I suppose. Peter Green was already there and sitting with some family members. It wasn't long before Peter and I went off outside into the street and did a very quick photo shoot. I found a door right nearby that had a kind psychedelic feel about it. So, I asked Peter to stand in front of that for me for a few shots.

Peter Green
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Then we walked over the road and found a kind of mews street. I was chatting to Peter on the way and asked him how he was doing, generally. He replied "I have my ups and downs". Peter did leave Fleetwood Mac and got to deeply involved in the world of LSD and other drugs. Some say that left him with serious mental issues and schizophrenia. He spent many years in a mental home etc. So, that is what I think he was referring to when he said having his ups and downs. He is such a nice sweet man, and very quiet.
Peter Green
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

We did a shoot in the mews street and then headed back into the viewing rooms.
Peter Green
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Everyone was waiting for us to return and we then went straight into the cinema area. It was all very nice and plush. Then we saw a45 min edit of the Peter Green Story "Man of The World".

Well, it was absolutely fantastic. I was so impressed with it. I just wanted to see more. Peter was sitting just behind me. At the end we left and went out to the reception area. On the way out I was chatting to Peter and I asked him if he enjoyed it. He looked at me and said "it was interesting" I suppose for him it was. But it was also interesting for me. I was given a full length DVD of the film as I left. It was the full length 2.5 hours worth. I then got back to my car and headed fast out of town to Hottwire.

When I got back I sent out all of my photos of Peter and then grabbed my cameras and headed back into London to shoot Chris Cornell.
Chris Cornell
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

The gig was at The Astoria, about 1/2 a mile from the Soho Screening Room. I should have stayed in London all day. But sadly had to much to do at Hottwire.
Chris Cornell
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Chris Cornell came on late. Whilst I was waiting in the photo pit, Sue Moore, Awais, George Chin arrived. Then Ross Halfin arrived. Ross had been backstage with Chris Cornell and told me that Chris had arrived late from Paris as Chris's wife had a bit of late shopping to do before they left. So, we all stood waiting for the man himself. Eventually he can on stage and we all got on with it. Lighting wasn't too bad. I have seen worse. Mind you, I have seen a lot better.
Chris Cornell
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

I left and headed back out of town to Hottwire HQ. I arrived there at about 11:30 and worked until about 3am. Totally shattered and then went and crashed for the night.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pink FLoyd at The Barbican - London

So, I get a call from a good friend of mine, Bernard McMahon, who handles the PR for the legendary Kevin Ayers formerly of Soft Machine (late 60's). Anyway, Kevin was a close friend of Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. So, Kevin is taking part in a Syd Barrett Tribute Concert at The Barbican Theatre today. I wasn't given much notice, as the telephone call was at about 1:30 pm when Bernard said can I come down and shoot Kevin as soon as poss. I grabbed my cameras, cancelled every thing else I was doing (including a secret gig of Prince at KOKO) and drove down to the Barbican. I arrived there and there was no pass waiting for me at all. After being told by the box office and press desk there was no pass for me, I just walked away and thought I may as well just blag my way into the venue.
Damon Albarn
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

So, off I went without any pass and blagged my way to Kevin Ayers dressing room. When I got there Kevin was there with Tim Shepherd, his manager and his daughter Gallen. We had a chat and I sorted out my cameras.
Duke Erickson of Garbage
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Then Kevin, Tim, Gallen and I headed off to the canteen.

Kevin Ayers, Captain Sensible & Chrissie Hynde
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

After this we all headed back to the dressing rooms and then the show started. There were loads of people backstage, Damon Albarn, John Paul Jones, Robyn Hitchcock, Chrissie Hynde and loads of others.

John Paul Jones & Kevin Ayers
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Chrissie Hynde was a little bit stressed and stroppy with anyone who went near her. She wasn't making many friends back there. Oh well, there is always one. I always remember her as a nice person, with a bad memory, but, a nice person. So on with the show, Captain Sensible went on and did a song or two, loads of other people went on stage. I think there must have been about 20 different acts performing. Kevin performed a couple great songs. The lighting wasn't that great, but I did what I could. Kevin sang one song then picked up his Hofner guitar and played the second song. So, all was going well. John Paul Jones (formerly of Led Zeppelin) performed. Damon Albarn, Chrissie Hynde. Syd Barretts nephew got up and said a few words.
Martha Wainwright
Copywright 2007 Danny Clifford

There was a kind of half time interval. So, I headed back to the dressing room area. I was chatting to Tim Shepherd and Captain Sensible when I saw all four members of Pink Floyd standing next to me.
Roger Waters & Rick Wright
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

I was quite shocked. I immediately asked them if we could do a shot. They didn't want a shot of them all together. Kind of odd, but, I respect them, its there choice. Anyway, I did take a few shots of Roger and Nick Mason and Roger and Rick Wright. But not all together.
Nick Mason & Roger Waters
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

The break was over and on with the show. Roger Waters came out and did a couple of songs. Then I think Damon Albarn came on and did a great Syd Barrett song. Then on came Joe cant remember his last name right now and chatted about his involvement with Floyd and Syd in the early days. He then said put your hands together for Pink Floyd. On they came, minus Roger Waters. Andy Bell, of Oasis was playing bass guitar. He is a great Bassist.

Pink Floyd
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

So, there I was shooting Floyd again. The last time was at Live 8. The time before that was around 1980 and the first time was around 1976.. So, what a gig. I am sorry Prince, but, as much as I love you, I am glad I was at the Barbican for this historical event.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Diana Ross in London

Arrived at Wembley Arena in a bit of a rush. As soon as I got my pass I walked through security and we were all let towards the photo pit. We were then informed that we were shooting from stage left. There were about 15 of us and this was going to be a bit difficult. In fact the angle that we were given to shoot and the space, was rather awkward to say the least. Anyway, Diana was running late and we were standing in front of some very polite people on the front row. They must have paid quite a lot of money to be there and there we were standing in there way. Oh well, it wasn't our fault, we were put there by security. However, I did feel a bit bad for them. I did apologise a few times. Anyway, Diana eventually came on and for most of the first song, she stood behind the drums. That was nice for us, NOT. She did then come down to the front of the stage and then we had a reasonably clear line to her. But the lighting want great at all. We were told we could use flash, but I really don't like that, if I can help it. We shot the first 3 songs the left swiftly. I then headed into London to meet up with a few people in the media industry who were having a drink in Clerkenwell. The is was all very nice. Later in the early hours we ended up in a Karaoke bar. Well you can guess the rest... Got home very late. Put all cameras on charge etc. I don't know what I am shooting next, but, they need to be all charged up and ready to go.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank Holiday in the UK

I woke up really late today, must still be a bit jet lagged. I have got so much to do and there never seems to be enough time. I went out to get a copy of Kelly Jones latest solo album. But, I didn't get to a record store in time. I shot the inner photos on it, but haven't yet managed to see it. I will try and get it in the next few days.

I was looking through some old boxes that I have in my office at home and found some old diaries of mine. Some my diaries from the late 70's really bring it all back. There were some great memories of Keith Moon and very funny days with Status Quo. I also found loads of diary entries for a mini tour that I did with a great punk band of the day, Penetration. I must dig out some of my Penetration photos. I did have some great shots of them. I also found a load more Rory Gallagher shots from 1978-79. He was great to work with, such a nice chap. I don't know when, but I need to go through some of my many boxes of negatives and transparencies from the good old days.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Back on Terrcotta

Got back to London today. Its really nice and sunny and warm, how odd. Going to spend most of the day sorting out photos that need to be sent out urgently and then probably collapse. Just before I left LA, I was speaking to the picture desk at the newspaper, USA Today. They have asked me for some photos of The Zimmers. They are planning on running a story next week. Seems like The Zimmers are building quite a following around the world.

Friday, May 04, 2007

LA to London

After a couple of busy days, meetings mostly. I am heading back to sunny London. I did manage to spend some time with my family whilst I was in LA. Actually, this was really odd, but My brother Simon and I even met up with my sister Adele and we all had lunch together yesterday. We all realized that we have never done that before. How weird is that!! Well, not just the three of us on our own. Anyway. Off to jolly old London now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

London to LA

Bit of an early start today. Headed off to Heathrow airport in London and checked in with United Airlines and headed off to Los Angeles. I was taking with me on this trip, a rather heavy bit of concrete. This was a garden ornament that belonged to my grandmother. She died a few years back and I really needed to get it out to LA so that my mum n dad could put it in their garden. Well, it was so bloody heavy, I am very surprised I managed to blag it onto the flight.