Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Friendly Fox

I was just on my way out tonight, camera in hand, when I saw a baby fox just sitting on the front lawn. Although it was virtually dark, I still had to get a photo. He or she, just casually looked at me, yawned and sat there looking very happy. So, I photographed the little poser. He or she actually looks like a Corgi.
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reading Festival Day Two

Here we go, day two of Reading Music Festival.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Reading Festival Day One

Today is the start of Reading Festival. I headed down there just after lunch. Trafic was quite good considering it was also a Bank Holiday weekend. I had expected long horrible delays on the motorways. So, I arrived, parked up and headed to the press guest desk. I got my pass and then donated a compulsory £25 to charity.. nice eh!! I do so much for charity and give money and time to many of them, so, it kind of makes me feel a little resentful when I am forced to part with a compulsory donation. Anyway, I did it and wont complain any more about that as it all for a good cause. I headed into the camp and aimed for the press tent. When I arrived there were hardly any spaces at all for those of us that had laptop computers. I had to make a bit of space in between a few other press people. Everyone seemed very friendly and relaxed which was nice. Then off I went out to shoot The Enemy on the main stage.

Monday, August 18, 2008

England Football team Training Session

Off to the training headquarters of the mighty Arsenal Football Club, where the England Team are training prior to a friendly game this Wednesday evening against the Czech Republic. I arrived at about 10am and after signing in with the FA I headed out to the training pitch. I waited for a while and then a nice big shiny red coach pulled up and off got the current England squad. They headed straight inside for a few mins then out they came and walked nice a gingerly onto the pitch. Out came Fabio Capello the new England manager and started to give them instructions as to how to train. David Beckham had made the trip from Los Angeles, which was nice. I always like photographing David. I got some nice shots of them all training and then towards the end of the session I saw god himself, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger across the other side of the training pitch. Then Fabio Capello walked over to him and they wandered back together towards me and I shot them chatting on the way. It was raining most of the time and this well organised and clever photographer had forgotten to take anything to keep the rain off. In fact all I was wearing was a Tshirt. So, got soaked through.. nice eh

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kelly Jones 'Only The Names Have Been Changed'

My friend Virginie Picot (very talented Artist & Actress) sent me a copy of Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics solo album, Only The Names Have Been Changed' There are two photos inside the CD or mine. One of Jim Lowe and Kelly discussing the music in the recording studio and one of Kelly actually recording it in the booth in the studio. I remember at the time that the lighting was almost non existent and it was pretty hard. But, now I have seen it, it looks pretty good. All I have got to do now is listen to the CD. I do remember at the time listening to Kelly recording it and thinking how good it sounded then. Kelly is a brilliant songwriter and performer and Jim Lowe is a brilliant producer. So, it should be pretty good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wembley and the Charity Shield

I was invited to Wembley to this years Charity Shield match by my cousin Peter Olsen. The game was between Manchester United and Portsmouth. I met Peter by Bobby Moore's bum. There is a statue of the one and only Mr Moore and Peter arranged to meet, yes, by his bum. Peter who lives in Hong Kong most of the time has bought a few of the executive boxes at the new Wembley stadium. Just what you would expect from a billionaire tax exile.
Peter Olsen
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Peter and I are both Arsenal supporters and as we were not watching our team, I asked him who he wanted to win, as we sat in the seats waiting for the kick off, to which he replied "I hope they both lose". Peter does have a very dry sense of humour. The game was nil nil at full time and Manchester United finally won on penalties. It was a great to see Peter and nice not to be working for a change and relaxing watching football. Just a shame it wasnt Arsenal. Two other of Peters guests at Wembley were Alan Quested & Rob Betchley. I think they both went to the same school as Peter, but more importantly, they support Arsenal.
Alan Quested , Peter Olsen & Rob Betchley
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

We had a cold drink after the game and waited for the crowd to dissapear before we made our way to Wembley Park Station.
Peter Olsen
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Peter was telling me how he was at Wembley on 31st July 1966 and watched the world cup final. That was for those of you who dont know, when England won the world cup. I think I got the date right, that must have been bloody brilliant. I was too young to have gone there. Oh what glory days eh!!