Sunday, December 11, 2011

Films of Colour

Now, here are one of those up and coming bands that are well worth checking out, Films of Colour. I met up with them in the East End, near Brick Lane. We did a reasonably swift photo shoot for about an hour or two. They are really nice proper chaps. They all met at the ACM in Guildford. Anyway, finished the shoot and they headed off home to different parts of the East End. I headed to my car only to find it had gone. Either stolen or Towed by the government. Yes, it was towed! So, after a long tiring walk and a bus ride as there were no taxis anywhere, I arrived at the car pound. After proving it was my car, I was then relieved of £300. That was so kind of them! This is despite the fact that I actually asked a policeman when I parked and right next to my car, was it okay to park on a single yellow line where I was, on a Sunday, he said yes its fine.. He must have had a real laugh as he drove off.. So, thank you officer. Next time I see you, if ever, I will give you a swift kick in your testimonials... you tosser!