Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Who play Quadrophenia

This is the last gig this year at the Royal Albert Hall in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and it's a big one. The Who are playing their album Quadrophenia for the first time in years. Special guests are Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and Tom Meighan from Kasabian.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Specials for Teenage Cancer Trust

Well, I was really looking forward to this... The Specials... I love them. What a moment for me when I was shooting the sound check when they just went straight into Rudy, it was stunning.. After the sound check the lads got changed and then came into my studio for a shoot. Again like most of the artists, they were wonderful. Very helpful and willing. They did some Voxpops on video or the charity and then came the big show. They were brilliant, what a band. I got some pretty nice shots of them leaving the stage with the crowd behind them.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

JLS perform for Teenage Cancer Trust

Well, its Sunday and it is an earlier start. Due to the fact that JLS has a younger audience, the show will be over tonight at around 9pm. I did a studio shoot with the lads who were soooo nice. We then did some shots with some of the patients as usual. I then photographed their sound check and then the live show. That was possibly the loudest I have ever heard fans scream in the Albert Hall. They seemed louder than the music. Anyway, what a lovely bunch. They deserve all the success they get. They were a real pleasure to work with.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Arctic Monkeys Teenage Cancer Trust Gig

Yet another massive band, The Arctic Monkeys. We did a studio shoot earlier in the day and then a little later the boys did a quick meet and greet with some of the patients. What nice guys they are (Arctic Monkeys that is) although they were rushed and under pressure as they had a gig to do, they seemed to have all the time in the world for the patients who came in to meet them. The live performance was something else. I have photographed them many times now and each time I am really impressed. What a brilliant band. They ended the set with one of my favourite songs "when the sun goes down" The Albert Hall was hot steamy and heaving. The floor was going up and down which is a rarity in that building. Overall, a stunning show from a stunning band. I love them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Noel Gallagher Day Two

Another brilliant gig from Noel. This time supported by Plan B. The main man is Ben and he and the band are fantastic. Very different. I did a really nice studio shoot with him, I also shot the sound check and live show. I was very impressed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Noel Gallagher Teenage Cancer Trust

This was Noel's first of two gigs for Teenage Cancer Trust. The next one is tomorrow night. It is also the first gig since he and Oasis spilt up. I arrived at The Royal Albert Hall at around lunch time and we set up the studio again. It wasn't long before we were shooting the support act, The Courteeners. So, I shot the sound check and then did some shots for the charity downstairs with some of the patients that have come for the day. Al little later, the Courteeners were ready to go on stage and we got them in for the studio shoot. They are a really nice bunch of lads and so is Glyn their tour manager. I have photographed them before, however, they are a brilliant band and now seem to be firmly on the way up and on to stardom. So, we finished the studio shoot and I rushed out with them and shot the live show, partly from the front in the pit and partly from the stage. I wanted to get some shots of them with the Albert Hall behind them with the crowd. I rushed back to my studio just in time as Noel was ready for his shoot. In he came, really nice to see him. I hadn't seem him since I was in Japan with Oasis in 2005. We had a brief chat about that and he said "fucking hell, that was five years ago, I cant remember 5 weeks" He was in very good spirits. We did the shoot and it was followed by a quick video interview by the charity. Then once that was finished, Noel headed off to his dressing room and got ready for his show. A few mins later, Yui Mok, Matt Kent, Jill Furmanovsky and I were led down to the photo pit to shoot Noel on stage. That was all good, lighting was pretty good the only strange thing this year is that us photographers are having share the photo pit with a video camera on tracks. That is normal, but this year it is remote. Which is mental. I have to keep on eye on Noel and the other on the remote camera swinging along the track towards me. So far no collisions.. But 5 more nights, so we will see...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Suede at Teenage Cancer Trust

As I understand it, they reformed just for Teenage Cancer Trust. I arrived mid afternoon at Royal Albert Hall and then Austin Flowers and myself set up the studio in the Green room. Just before Suede were due to go on, Brett Anderson came in and we did a quick shoot. He then flew out got the rest of the band and off they went on stage. When we did the shoot in the studio, Brett was very nice and quiet and posed for me in a very calm way. Then I got myself out front into the photo pit and as he hit the stage with the band, he was a different person. He was all over the stage and animated, but most of all brilliant. I didn't have time to watch the rest of the show as I needed to get backstage and shoot some other people. I would have loved to have seen more of them. I hope they get back together and tour soon. Mind you, I am so not up to date, they have probably announced that and I would know...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comedy Night at Teenage Cancer Trust

I set my studio up backstage in the Green room at the Royal Albert Hall. We shared it with all of the comedians who were performing on the night. A great room to be based in. Whilst I was shooting Rhod Gilbert, he said to me can you tell me something funny so I at least look happy when your taking the photos. I am useless at remembering jokes and before I could even tell him, he asked Jimmy Carr who was standing next to me. Then Rhod said hold on, make me laugh, I have asked the wrong man there haven't I. Then from behind a magazine a voice came loud and clear, it was Rich Hall. He said "my wife has had a horse riding accident, she is in a stable condition" well, that did it everyone just burst out laughing. He then just carried on reading his magazine as if nothing had happened. They are all very funny guys. I did have a nice chat with Rich Hall who spends a lot of time here, but, pretty much lives in Montana in the US. I don't think I have ever been there, but would love to.

On my way out of the Royal Albert Hall, I was stopped by Zak Starkey. I t was so nice to see him. Cant remember when we saw each other last. We reminisced about Keith Moon. Zak was chatting about flying along Sunset Boulevard in LA in Keith's Excalibur car on their way to go surfing. That must have been around 1977-78. We also chatted about a shot that I took of Zak and Keith together in London. Oh, happy days eh!! I will be seeing Zak next week when the MIGHTY WHO play on the last night of Teenage Cancer Trust for this year.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Them Crooked Vultures

Royal Albert Hall today to shoot the second Teenage Cancer Trust concert of the year. Depeche Mode were firslast month. Today is Them Crooked Vultures, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, Josh Homme. I am setting up a studio backstage and shooting the bands before the live shows this week. The line up is amazing during the next ten days.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Downing Street Tomorrow

Got a busy day tomorrow. I have an exclusive photoshoot inside Downing Street. Should be interesting.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daisy Lowe

I met up with top model, Daisy Lowe and did a quick photo shoot. This took place in Camden Town, North London. She is such a pleasure to work with. It was a quick one, I was home by midnight, which makes a change.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Celeb Auction on April 6th 2010

I have been invited to participate in an auction for Teens Unite charity. The Embassy Restaurant, Bar and Members Club in London are to host the high profile celebrity art auction organized and sponsored by Legende Celebrity Art 6th April 2010. DJ, TV Presenter and ‘household name for 30 years’ Mike Read will perform the ‘live’ auction and there shall also be a ’silent’ auction operating throughout the evening. Dr David Bull the well known TV Presenter and Media Entrepeneur will be introducing the event which kicks off at 7pm. 50% of the monies raised over the reserve price will be donated to TEENS UNITE the teenage Cancer Charity founded by fashion designer Karen Millen.

Some of the items being auctioned are photographs by the legendary photographer, Terry O'Neill. There will be some other photographs there by John Wright and myself. Should be a great night at the Embassy in London. If anyone wants to attend email richardevans@legendecelebrityart.com spaces are limited so hurry up if you want to go. I understand that Terry O'Neill will also be attending. This should be a great night....