Friday, February 26, 2010

Haiti Charity Single - Video Release

'I put a spell on you', the charity single's video recorded to aid the Haiti victims has now on you tube -

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Depeche Mode at The Royal Albert Hall - London

This was the first of this year's Teenage Cancer Trust concerts. Well, what a band to kick the series of concerts off with, Depeche Mode.
Atmosphere at the Royal Albert Hall
copyright 2010 Danny Clifford. All rights reserved

The Albert Hall is more often than not all seating, but not for this band. The whole of the middle of the downstairs main arena was standing. They are a brilliant band and very easy to photograph. The lighting was great and they had some interesting graphics behind them on a big screen. There were only a few photographers allowed in for this show, but we had to share the pit with a camera crew. Mind you, the main camera man was a really nice chap who didn't seem to stop laughing. I think he worked for Depeche Mode as the crowd at the front all seemed to know him. Roger Daltrey of The Who introduced them. Roger is one of the people who is behind the charity. It was started by Dr Adrian Whiteson OBE, I think and Roger seems to be the main driving force behind the music events and getting bands to play each year. I am amazed that he hasn't been Knighted yet!!
Dave Gahan - Depeche Mode
Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford All rights reserved

So, we shot the first four songs and then left the front of the stage.
Depeche Mode
Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford All rights reserved

Depeche Mode

Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford All rights reserved

I packed up my gear and headed out outside. When I was walking out to my car, I walked straight into Roger Daltrey. We stopped and had a chat. I asked him about the Super Bowl gig in Florida a few weeks ago, which he said he loved. Mind you they only had about 6 minutes of playing. How can The Who show the world in 6 mins what its all about. Funnily enough, they did. They are absolutely brilliant live. Definitely the best Rock n Roll band in the world. So, we chatted for a few mins and then we both headed off our different ways home. I got in my car only to find that the M4 motorway which heads out of London was shut and I was now in a traffic jam. It was just gone 10pm and there I was sitting stationary in a traffic jam, mental.. I finally got home late and edited the photos and got them out to all papers magazines around the world.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Sphere Sudios

This afternoon I went to Sphere Recording studios in West London. I met up with my friend and top record producer, Andy Wright. We had a chat about a few projects, then I went downstairs to see the brilliant Engineer, Gavin Goldberg. So, Gavin and singer, Peter Grant who was with him and I had a cup of tea and a very interesting chat about a few artists that we both knew. I am going to be doing a bit with some mutual artists in the next week or two.