Friday, November 25, 2011

David Atlas RIP

I have just found out that another friend of mine and fellow music photographer has also died in New York. David Atlas, a great guy and superb photographer died suddenly on his way to work in NY. This is awful news and really sad for his family. I don't know how he died, so, if anyone knows, please email me.

I just heard from a friend of mine at Rolling Stone Magazine in NY, that David had a heart attack on his way to work and the paramedics couldn't do anything for him , or got there too late. Such a tragedy.

It was David and I that climbed to the top of the lighting rig at Reading festival (in the UK) one year, just to get some spectacular shots of the stage with crowd going wild. He was great fun & great photographer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RIP George Bodnar

I cant actually believe it. Today I went to the funeral of my old friend and fellow photographer, George Bodnar. By all accounts he had fought a hard old battle against Cancer and very sadly lost. When I arrived at Ealing Abbey there were quite a few familiar faces there. Plenty of music photographers along with music industry managers etc. Simon Porter Status Quo amongst them. We all left Ealing and trundled over to Hendon, where George and his family live and is now laid to rest.

I first met George with his then sidekick, Denis O'Regan in the late 70's. From what I remember George and Denis were ushers at either Wembley or Hammersmith Odeon, I cant remember. Anyway, I was taking photos at the front as we do, along with my then sidekick and good friend, Matthew Taylor (who died tooo young), when George and Denis were asking us both how we do what we do etc etc. We told them how we blagged our passes and before we knew much more they had both promoted themselves from ushers to Music photographers and I must say, GREAT photographers they both became as well as wonderful top draw geezers. George spent a lot of his later life working with Prince Charles as I believe he was Official Photographer for The Princes Trust. Quite an achievement! I have some wonderful memories of George and he will be sadly missed by a lot of people.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Peter Grant CD Cover shoot

I did another shoot with the brilliant Peter Grant. We were doing the cover shot today. The shoot went very well, he is nice and easy to work with. He knows what he wants, but, is a lovely guy. His music is brilliant and sounds like some serious people are now getting behind him. Last weekend Gary Barlow stated in all of the UK papers and online that he thinks Peter is fantastic and he also thinks that Peter could easily be the next Brit to crack USA in the same way Adele did. He is rather brilliant and well worth checking him out.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Tinie Tempah 02 London

Long drive through the London rush hour. It took me about 3 hours to get to North Greenwich and the 02. When I arrived my pass wasn't waiting for me. I waited around for a while by the guest list box whilst they tried (not very hard) to sort it. I then left that area and went for a walk to door A. Then out of the door came Tinie's manager who I vaguely new. He said hi and I explained what had happened. He then took me through backstage and sorted me my pass immediately. It was a full on gig. Very bright and fast pace. The place was mobbed, full up.. He is pretty big now. He seemed quite excited when he came on stage and saw the massive crowd.. Great gig and got some pretty nice photos.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Professor Green

Roundhouse London tonight to shoot Professor Green. He is supported by Rizzle Kicks.