Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Pearl Lowe and Danny invited me to Reading tonight to shoot Suergrass. They were playing a very small gig, just as a kind of warm up. They are off to China in a few days. They are playing in Bejing. I shot the first 3 songs and true to form, the lighting was pretty poor. Mind you the band blew the roof of the place.. They are fab. A great British fun band, great songs, great perfomance.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Loaded in the Park - London

There is a kind of new event in Clapham, South London called Get Loaded in The Park. I am not entirley sure, but, i think that this is the second year. But I am probably wrong. Anyway, today, Lily Allen was here, Graham Coxon, and Babyshambles. Peter Doherty has been confined to regab for the past week or so and this will be is big day out. I did a quick photo or twi with Graham Coxon and we chatted about his love of okd mechanical cameras. I was kind of suprised when he told me that he had a few Leica camera's. For those who know, they are quite nice cameras. Anyway, what a throroughly nice fellow he is.
Graham Coxon
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

Anyway, Adam, Drew & Mick all arrived backstage quite early. Peter was collected from the Priory and he arrived about 20 mins before they went on stage. I went into the photo pit to shoot the first bit of the show from there. But, the security chaps in the pit decided that it was all over for photographers during the first song. We all got slung straight out of the pit. I then shot the rest of the show from the stage. It was fantastic seeing Babyshambles performing live..
Peter Doherty
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

They started with Paddy Put the Pipe Down. What a great song and what a great show. Also, Peter looked healthier than ever. Lily Allen was standing on the side of the sage during the gig. She seemed to know all of the songs and was really into it. After the show, Peter left the stage and was whisked straight out of Clapham in a new Range Rover. I gave Drew and his girfriend a lift home across London.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reading Festival Day Two

Back to Reading today. Some other great bands on today. When I arrived I walked through the backstage area and I saw the car that The Streets arrived in, it was a Hearse. It looked very funny really. So, some of the bands here today were The Streets, The Racontuers and they who hate the press and photographers The Arctic Monkeys and headlining were the fantsatic Muse. They are stunning.. I must get out and buy there latest album. Kelly Osborne turned up backstage with a geezer. It was really nice to also see Pearl Lowe, she was backstage with her partner Danny who is the drummer with Supergrass. They were both on form and really nice. Peaches Geldof was backstage again she seemed very unhappy today. I thought she was being very awkward, but I later found out that she was splashed all over the papers and not in a nice way. She must think that all photographers are all the same. Anyway she wasnt too polite to say the least. So after shooting all of the artists I headed off out of Reading..

Friday, August 25, 2006

Reading Festival Day One

Today is the first day of the annual Reading Festival. So, off to Reading I go. I arrived there around midday and made my way backstage. Today there were some great bands playing. Franz Ferdinand, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Yeah Yeah Yeas, Ice T, Bob Geldof's daughter was there Peaches. Funnily enough, I photographed her a few days ago in Ibiza.. When I was chatting to her today, she said "are you stalking me" cheeky little cow. Anyway, she seems to be getting her self into a bit of trouble these days. Anyway, back in the real world, I was doing a shoot with Alex Kapranos or Franz Ferdinand and Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs. We were doing a shoot backstage in the dressing rooms. They really are very very nice guys.
Alex Kapranos & Ricky Wilson
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

The Kaiser Cheifs were supporting Franz Ferdinand on the Main Stage.. Dan Rogers turned up in Reading on his bike.. I have seen this bike, but I am sure it will be a monster. Anyway, when Franz Ferdinand went on stage, the sky opened and it poured with rain. I shot the Franz show from the stage. It was far more civilised than standing in the rain out front.
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

Franz had some great back drops and video screen also behind them. It was all very colourful. One amazing thing happend durin the gig, when Alex asked got the whole crowd waving their arms left then right.. This may not sound like a big deal, but it looked amazing from up there on stage. I dont know how many people there were in the crowd, I would geus at 80,000 but it looked fantastic.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bic Runga Studio & Franz Ferdinand Live

Bic Runga
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

I did a magazine cover shoot today with New Zealand artist Bic Runga. She is a rather good singer songwriter. We all met up at The Cobden Club in west London at around 10:30. Bic was already having her hair & make up done. The clothes had arrived from Armani and all it needed was for me and Dan my assistant to get it all prepered for the shoot. The most important shot was the cover shot and then we had many other shots to do.. We had plenty of clothes and backgrounds use.
Bic Runga
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford
Bic was wonderful to work with and very helpful. We finished at around 5:30. This was quite a long day really, but we did get some great shots. I had to get a move on from there as I was going over to meet Dan at The Forum in Kentish Town, North London to shoot Franz Ferdinand. I arrived at The Forum with about 5 mins to spare.. Got into the photo pit, got my cameras out and within a min or so, on the band came.. They really are a bloody great band.. Dan was shooting from the stage so, I didnt see him at all. I just shot the first 3 songs and left. I had so much work to do after the long day of shooting. So, made the exit and headed off home, shattered, just for a change...

Friday, August 18, 2006

London Bound

After an exhilerating two days in Majorca, I got back to Palma airport and boarded a fllight back to blighty old England. It was very strange at the airprrt though. Security is so tight all around the UK. I board my flight and could have easily carried as much fluid as I had wanted.. In the UK we cannot go through security with any liquids..Only carrying your purse, wallet and passport. But flying out of Spain is not a problem fopr would be terrorists, which is kind of alarming.. Anyway, I get on board and head back to London..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Majorca by Sea or Air

So, the day started witrh me heading off to Ibiza town to jump on one of the ferries that connect the ports in the Mediterranean. I was trying to get a boat from Ibiza to Palma, Majorca. I was gonna meet a musician friend of mine, who was in fact trying to dodge the press at the moment. Anyway, I did have a bit of fun at the port and after a short while I realized that this wasnt going to be a good idea. I was kind of looking forward to jumping on a ship. It would a bit of a Micahel palin moment for me.. For those of you who dont know who he is, he was a member of Monty Python and more recently, has a great travel show in TV. He kind of travels the world and shows world in a great way in this show. So after me failing to get sorted at the dock, I jumped in a taxi and headed for the airport. I arrived and started checking out a flight. I got one of the Iberia Island hoping flights to Majorca.. This was a small prop driven thing. It was only a short 40 mins flight and quite pleasant. I arrived at the airport and made my way to my hotel. By now it was getting late, so, for once had a reasonably early night.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ibiza attempt number 2

I had been up all night. I was so tired, I arrived at London Stansted airport at about 1am. Why do they call it London Stansted.. It's knowhere near London... Anyway, got there and waited for the check in desk to open. We were told to get there 3 hours plus before the flight. This was gonna be fun, not. So, got on the flight only carring my big clear plastic bag. Mind you the security level was sligtly reduced as I was allowed to take my mobile phone with me. But, no carry on luggage at all. So, cameras, laptop and accessiories were all checked into the hold.. This was and is now a big worry for me and I suppose all other travelling photographers. The last place we want to put our cameras and computers is in the hold. Not to mention, at the mercy of those nice baggage handlers who handle the bags so gently and never try and open them. Anyway, I arrived in Ibiza and tried to find myself a hotel room. The purpose of my trip is that Babyshambles are supposed to be playing at Bar M in San Antonio in Ibiza. So, after a little while found a room and then headed off to Bar M to check out the venue. A few mins after finding the hotel, I got a text from Adam Ficek, the drummer in Babyshambles, he said that the gig was off. Well, that was that. I then fouund out that Peached Gelfdof was doing a DJ set at Bar M tonight. I thought I may as well photograph that. So, arrived there at about 10 and did some pictures of Peaches. Then I did some shots of her with here friend Fifi Brown, who with Peaches are know as 'Trash Pussies'.. After this I headed off to my hotel. By now it was very late and I did need some bloody sleep. It felf like I hadnt slept for a week.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Trouble at the airport

I had a flight booked today at about 5 in the afternoon from London to Ibiza, Spain.. Well I would like to personally thank the terrorists for screwing up my travel plans. As I was just about to leave for the airport, I got a call to inform me that the flight has been cancelled. I immediatley got myself booked on the next available flight, which is early tomorrow morning. So, no sleep tonight. I cant waite !!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Charlotte Church & Jerry Lee Lewis

Today was a busy day. I had loads of admin to try and catch up on. Then off to Ascot races to photograph Charlotte Church/ I t was a big racing day there, I thinkit was the Dubai Cup or something like that.. I dont know much about horse racing.. I suppose I was put of a bit years ago when I was pony trekking and the bastard that I was riding (or attempting to) threw me off, into a barbed wire fence.. Since then, me and horses... umm. Anyway, Charlotte was on stage on time.
Charlotte Church
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

Although she apologised for her squeeky voice, she said she had been a lazy cow and not done much singing for the past few months. She was being refreshingly honest and very nice. I shot the first three songs, as requested and then promptly buggered off to my car. I then headed staright off to the Shepherds Bush Empire in West London. I was doing a shoot with Jerry Lee Lewis backstage, then shooting the show.. So, I arrived there and was escorted by Jim Driver up stairs to the dressing rooms. I had to wait about an hour for the shoot, but that was fine. During my hours waite I had a very nice chat with Pheobe Lewis, Jerry's daughter. I think we put the world to right. She was telling me about a new book she is reading at the moment. Its all about terrorists and smallpox.. It sounds awful. Anyway, I was gven the nod and then I did a quick shoot with Jerry Lee Lewis, then he went down in the elevator and joined his Killer Band on stage.
Jerry Lee Lewis
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

I did shoot from the side of the stage and as it happened I was lucky really, the light was pretty poor, but just abouty ok from where I was shooting from.
Jerry Lee Lewis
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

Chas and Dave who were supporting Jerry Lee Lewis on this small tour, were standing right behind me when I was shooting.. They were watching every move, or lack of move in reality of the great man.. After a while I felt I had enough shots and said my goodbye's to JW and Phoebe and left the building..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sarah Harding Shopping trip

I met up with Girls Alouds Sarah Harding.. She was shopping and I was photograhing her doing that. She arrived a little late as her satnav took her the wrong way round town. She was very nice and helpful whilst I was doing this. I have now shot 3 of the girls in the group and must say, that they are a real pleasure to work with.
Sarah Harding
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

That all seem really nice and grounded. Anyway, this shoot was the longest of the 3 that I have done. Sarah was trying on so many of the clothes. She obviously likes the clothes at AllSaints.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jerry Lee Lewis - I kid you not

Well, this is quite bizzare.... Jerry Lee Lewis, ' yes, The Killer' himself is performing in this very small village called Clapham in Bedford. I almost had to pinch myself.. It's a bit like Elvis, if he was here today, pulling up and playing a village gig.. This is a bit unreal, but, it's true.. When I arrived I went backstage and had a chat with John Cooper Clarke. He was still on top form and just like yesterday, very funny.. Chas & Dave arrived backstage and got themselves together and ready for their performance, supporting the, as yet absent, Jerry Lee... Chas & Dave posed for a few photos and then were introduced by John Cooper Clarke and on they went. They did all of there usual fab hits, Rabbit Rabbit etc etc.. If yo know them, you will know what I mean. So after awhile, Jerry Lee's band arrived. They were all rocking on, age wise that is.. They must have all been in their late 60's or even in their 70's... About 30 mins later, the man himself arrived.. He was surrounded buy security and slowly walked towards his dressing room. Once he was inside, nobody was allowed near him.. He was resting... It was arranged that I was going to be doing a shoot with him a few mins before he went on stage.. This proved to be very difficult. There were so many big guys around him, so when he did get to me , that they were all really in the way. I did move them, but it wasnt ideal at all.. We are going to re do this shoot later in the week.. By now other celebes had arrived and were all looking forward to seeing Jerry Lee Lewis perform.. Peter Doherty and Kate Moss turned up, so did Shane McGowan and Victoria his girlfriend.. They all managed to get up on side of the stage and all danced along to Great Balls of Fire and Chantilly Lace etc etc..
Jerry Lee Lewis
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford

I did take some shots on stage, but as jerry was sitting at the piano, I decied to get down in front of him in the photo pit. That was a better position.. The show ended with Jerry kicking away his piano stool. Then he walked slowly off stage.. The band still carried on playing. Jerry then made a swift, well, as swift as he could exit.. The crowd thought he was coming back on for an encore, but he did in fact get straight into his waiting car and sped off straight out of there... Peter, Kate, Shane Victoria and Gerry O'Boyle all came out off the stage and then saw that Jerry had gone, so they also made there way out of there. Before they did leave, I was chatting to Gerry O'Boyle and Shane. I saw that Shane had a great big blue flask with him. No doubt full of Gin.. We did a quick photo of him with it. I must say this was all quite surreal. I made may way out of there and then sent my photos out later that night..

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Geno Washington and The Rhythm Festival

This was a funny little festival, In many ways, really relaxed and nice.. I missed the first day as I was still flying back from Japan. Anyway, I arrived at the first ever Rhythm Festival in the village of Clapham in Bedford and Roger Chapman was on stage. I looked up and my mate Geoff Whitehorn was playing guitar. I went backstage and met up with him afterwards. Also backstage was the legendary John Cooper Clarke. What a funny man he is.. A real joy to be around.. Also. DJ Mike Reed.. I didn’t know this, but he is a bit of a song writer and had had records recorded by BIG artists.. Well, there you go eh!! Roy Harper was there as well. The last time I photographed him was almost the start of my career. It was a very hot Saturday afternoon in London's Hyde Park. It was 1975 I was about 5 then. I was on stage taking photos of Roy Harper, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and many others. Roy and I were reminiscing and he remembered it all very well.. So, there I was 31 years later, taking photos on stage again on a hot day in the summer. Later the headline, Geno Washington. I met up with him and his wife management team. very nice people.. Got some very nice shots of him as well. I finished with Geno and headed off home. I need some sleep as I am coming back tomorrow.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Tokyo to London

I actually got one hours sleep. Then I caught the Limosine bus from my hotel to Narita airport. I had a quick breakfast in the Star Alliance lounge and then went off and boarded my flght back to London.. Boy was I tired.. I arrived in London late afternoon. Got back and looked forward to a good nights sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tokyo and Tsukiji Fish Market

At 4:30 I headed off and got a taxi to Tsukiji Fish Market. This is not only the biggest fish market in Tokyo, but the world.. So, I got there and started walking around taking photos. There were so many types of fish there, most of which I have never seen before.. I took loads of photos and then at about 7:30 am I headed out and found a station and git a train back to Shibuya.. I got to my hotel at about 8am and then litteraly fell on the bed and went to sleep. I knew I couldnt sleep for too long as I had a lunch meeting. So, up I got and headed off to meet up with Alan Sayama. Later in the day I was meeting up with Sean and a few others, we were going to Andy's fish resteraunt in Ginza. Bloody great food there.. After we left there, we walked up the street and sat and had a drink outside another resteraunt. We were joined by a loud mouth amercian who lived in Tokyo. He insisted in sitting with us and wouldnt move away... In the end after much heated discussion, we kind of persauded him to fuck off.. It was a little messy to say the least... We jumped in a taxi and headed back to Shibuya. This was my last night in Tokyo and I needed to get a load moire work done before I left. I actually got one hours sleep. Then I caught the Limosine bus from my hotel to Narita airport. I had a quick breakfast in the Star Alliance lounge and then went off and boarded my flght back to London.. Boy was I tired.. I arrived in London late afternoon. Got back and looked forward to a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nagano and drive down to Tokyo

I finished up my editing and we set off late afternoon in Sean's people carrier and headed in the general direction of Tokyo. We are quite a long way from there... It is a very interesting drive through somne great scenery. Although, it suddenly got dark and that put a stop to me and my admiration of the countryside. One very funny thing that Sean told me to look out for, was a town and I cannot remeber what it was called, but it was twinned with both Tehran (Capitol of Iran) and Las Vegas.. This I thought was quite mad. It was too dark and we were travelling to fast to photgraph the sign.. Next time I will. So, we got back to Saitama. This is a large suburb of Tokyo. In fact there is an Arena there, where loads of big bands play. Also, the John Lennon Museum. This is also the home town to the one and only Sean Brophy. So, he dropped me at the railway station and I caught a train straight into Shibuya, where I am staying. I finally arrived at my hotel at about 11:30pm. I got to my room and checked my emails and laid on the bed for a few mins.. This was great as it was a real Western Bed. I then thought, I should stay up and go to the big fish market at 5am.. So, that is what I did.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nagano day 2

It's my little brother, Simon's birthday today. I have to wait until it's very late in the day for me to call him. I am about 16 hours ahead of him. He is in Los Angeles. I spent most of the day just working on my photos and just to break up the day, I went for another walk around the area with my guide, Sean. This is such anice area, it is very green and lush. Anything that is growing, gorws big here.. Whilst we were walking around, a butterfly flew past us. Its wingspan was about six feet across. Well, slight exageration, but it was bloody big. Probably, 6 inches across. Which by, UK standards is big. We went back to the house after a quick photo tour and after some more photo editing, we headed off down to the town, by car, and went out for dinner. This was all very nice and fun. The restuaraunt was one of those where you have a little computer device on the table and you order it directly on the screen.. Then, it appears, like magic a short while later.. After dinner, we headed back up the mountain to the house and on with more editing and I finally called my brother in LA.