Monday, July 28, 2008

Roses Kings Castles

I picked up Adam Ficek, drummer with Babyshambles at his home in North London. We then headed off down to Brick Lane in the East End of London for a photo shoot.
Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

We parked up and took some photos for Adam's new side project, Roses Kings Castles.
Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Adam is always easy to work with. The weather was nice. We found a nice location and did some shots of Adam with a really nice Hofner Verithin guitar. We were trying to get a particular look.
Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

The shoot only took about 15 or 20 mins in total.
Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

So, it was quite a quick relaxed shoot.
Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

We then had a quick bite to eat and then headed back to Adam's place. When we arrived at his home Adam gave me a CD of Roses Kings Castles. I hadn't heard anything of his own music before. I then played it on my way back from the shoot. After the first listen, I thought it was okay. Then gave it another listen and one or two tracks were jumping out at me. Then on the third listen it kind of hit me, this was bloody brilliant. Sparking Bootz stood out as a really great song. So, get yourselves onto the myspace site for Roses Kings Castles and give the songs a good listen to. I love the music. Roses Kings Castles are ones to watch !!

Monday, July 21, 2008

BBC Jazz Awards London

The BBC Jazz Awards were held at the Mermaid Theatre on the river Thames, near Blackfriars, London. I havent shot this event since 2004 when Amy Winehouse was there.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Had a bit published today

I had some nice shots published in the UK Sun today and The Daily Star . There were also some shots online at the Daily Mail. All of them were, Coco Sumner, Daisy Lowe and Noel Feilding.
Noel Fielding and Sam Clifford - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

My son Sam has asked me not to put this photo on my diary of him with Noel Fielding so, I wont!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Need more sleep

I got up at about 11:30 and I am shattered. I saw a copy of the London Paper and saw that I had a nice spread of photos in the London Buzz double pages. Shots of Noel Fielding, Coco Sumner and a nice one of Daisy Lowe DJ'ing.
I also saw the London Lite newspaper and had the front cover as well, that was Coco. Also a big spread of my photos on page 3.

I also had a nice email from Coco and a separate email from Gary Powell (drummer in the libertines and now in Dirty Pretty things)

I later headed down to Primrose Hill to meet up with my mate and TV presenter, Tim Samuels. Tim, Jonathan and Sam and I had a very nice coffee and Tea on the pavement under a patio heater mind you. After all it is July in the UK.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coco Sumner -Noel Fielding at The Boogaloo

Tonight was another legendary night at the Boogaloo in North London. I arrived there at about 8:30 along with my work experience assistant, one 14 year old Sam Clifford. As soon as we arrived we saw Gerry O'Boyle and his partner John who own the establishment. We then went upstairs to the private area and met up with Coco. This is the first time I have met her and she and her friends (about 6 of them) were all really nice. Coco was down to earth and extremely nice. So, we did some exclusive photos up there in the room.
Coco Sumner -Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Then Sam and I headed back downstairs. As we got down into the bar area, which was now rammed, I bumped into Carl Barat. I hadnt seen him since I photographed his 30th birthday party. We had a chat and then Carl, Sam and I went back upstairs to do some photos with Coco.
Carl Barat & Coco Sumner -Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

After we finished the photos we headed down again and went out to have a word with Gerry. Whilst Sam, Gerry and I were chatting outside, we saw Noel Fielding and Dave Brown from the Mighty Boosh walking towards us. We did some shots of them by the door and then we all went inside. Coco then took the stage. She was brilliant. For those that dont know, Coco Sumner is the daughter if Sting and his wife Trudy. Anyway, putting that to one side and looking at Coco here, she was sooo good. She is gonna be massive.
Coco Sumner - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

So, I shot the show and all celebes watching her in the crowd as well.
Coco complete with mug of Tea. Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

After her set, Noel Fielding and Dave Brown got up onto the stage and did a great DJ set.. I also shot some of this as well.
Noel Fielding & Dave Brown from The Mighty Boosh
Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

I then grabbed Sam and we rushed off outside jumped in the car and raced over to Soho. We had to get there really fast to get shots of Daisy Lowe who was doing a DJ set at Maya. So, we pulled up outside, ran in and got some great action shots of Daisy doing her thing.
Daisy Lowe - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

She is also very nice and always seems happy. She was smoking some really weird plastic cigarette very odd thing.
Daisy Lowe - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

So, we did the shots and got out of there. Sarah Leon who is the top model spotter at Select Model Agency and looks after Daisy, came with us as she was coming back to the Boogaloo. Daisy was also going to come with us, but changed her mind as I think she was going to wait for Mark Ronson who was on his way. We then had video director Marcus and his partner, Sarah, Sam in the car and heading back to the Boogaloo. We also got a bloody parking ticket as well, which was a bloody shame.

When we got back to the Boogaloo, Noel was still DJ'ing and having a real ball. Perry Ferrell (Billy Mitchell) from Eastenders was also having a dance on the side of stage. I climbed up there with him and did some shots of him and Noel. Perry was very funny.

Perry Ferrell - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

So, after getting all the shots required, Sam and I made our way out after saying goodnight the Noel, Dave, Perry Gerry John and all and headed back out of town.
Noel Fielding - Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

We got back at about 2:30 and then I got on with my editing of the photos. I finished at about 7:30 and then crawled up to bed..

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July and not a flag in sight

I had to a bit of driving around to do today and noticed that there are no proud Americans here in London. Well, none that I could see. I did expect to see a few Stars N Stripes flying somewhere as it is Independence Day. Mind you thinking about it, it would be kind of rubbing the Brits noses in it a bit as it was the British that the USA became indepenedent back in the day. So, they are keeping a low profile. Saw a few of the London papers today and had some of my photos in the from last nigt at the Boogaloo. I went and saw my mate Jon, who yet again on a technical thing saved my life (he is a genuis). I really dont know what I would do without him. I got back over to Chorleywood and saw my mate Mr "I can do that" Mick Flinn in a petrol station. He is always a pleasure to see. He was telling me about the album that he and the band have written and now the recoring is almost complete, so, we should soon have a brilliant new album for The New Seekers. When we were chatting about the music it became apparent that, Mick and the guys wite songs in pretty much the way that today's artists are attemptig to emulate.. Like the genius Mark Ronson etc.. Mick Flinn actually writes that way naturally. Anyway, I cant wait to hear it. Mick invited me upto his palace to hear where they are up to. So, I look forward to that.
I left Mick in the petrol station having an argument with a women who was annoyed with him because he had parked his car slightly on the slant and she was pretty angry.. She looked like she had never been married or ever had a chance a bit of a moose or as I would like to say a FASHTUNKANA.. Dont think it actually means anything, but sounds great..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Boogaloo London

Late this evening I got a call and I was asked to come down to the Boogaloo in Highgate. Gerry O'Boyle and his partner John own the place. You never know who is going to be there. Shane McGowan tends to live there when he is in the UK. But tonight its a bit of an after Jay-Z gig party going on. I saw models Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof there.

Pixie Geldof

Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Both of which I have recently done shoots with. I think Daisy is going out with Mark Ronson as well. He is a bloody genius. I love his production work on Amy Winehouse's cd Back to Black, absolutely brilliant.

Daisy Lowe

Copyright 2008 Danny Clifford

Anyway, the Boogaloo is one of those surprising places. Amongst others there last night was Rod Stewart's daughter Ruby plus loads of TV people and models etc. I finally got home at about 3 am and then edited up my photos and sent them out.