Thursday, July 09, 2009

Busy day again

Lately all has been a bit mad. I am as I write packing my bags as I am leaving on an early flight tomorrow to deepest darkest Ireland. I fly to Dublin the off to a studio in the middle of Ireland. That is where I should be shooting the one and only Dame Shirley Bassey for her new album. Meantime, Antont Costa is down in Brighton tonight as we have arranged for him to co-host the Breakfast show on Heart FM tomorrow morning. That should be nice. So, he and Andy are now snuggled up in the exotic hotel in Brighton and no doubt, in the morning Antony will be ready and sparkling on the radio. Or more likely back on planet earth, they wont be snuggled up in the hotel but out chatting to all single young ladies in the Brighton area. There is no stopping them. Right, I am off to bed as gotta get up before dawn.. Lets hope dawn makes me a cup of tea.. Haha the old ones are the best.