Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tony Bennett at The Royal Albert Hall

Tony Bennett is in town and I went to The Royal Albert Hall in London and shot the show... When he came on stage he ran on like a young man.. Proving he has a bit of life in him .. He was amazing.. My mum and dad used to play his records all the time when I was a kid.. So, I was familiar with most of his songs... He still has it all.. and was very photogenic..

Monday, April 04, 2005

Robert Plant

Well great to shoot Robert Plant tonight at The Royal Albert Hall, London. Sadly I had to stand on the stage to Roberts right hand side only.. I had to keep low behind he amps and make sure that I wasn't in the way of the guitar tech. For most of the time I was shooting, he had his back to me and he was looking the other way.. I must say it made me laugh as it seemed that he was doing this on purpose.. Anyway, he is bloody fantastic and also love the new album. If you haven't got it yet, get out there and buy it.. He is yet another legend and a creative genius..