Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Babyshamles headline Wembley !!

Well, I did predict this a few years ago. I have always had faith in the boys.. Adam (Ficek) and I used to discuss the future and we often said, if Peter can get it together and kick the drugs, the band will be enormous. So, I arrived at Wembley Arena and collected my pass. Babyshambles had invited The Zimmers come to the gig as guests. I waited out the front for the Zimmers to roll up, literally. Alf was in a wheelchair. He is 92 bless him. There were about 8 Zimmers in all. Once I had them safely inside I shot off to the photo pit. Dizzy Rascal was supporting Babyshambles, so I shot him. The lighting was quite good considering its Wembley and a support band. Then on came Babyshambles. It was well choreographed and organised. Actually, when I think about it, they came on at the correct time, not like two hours late like the old days.. So, this was refreshing. Sadly, the lighting wasn't as good as the support act. That was a shame.. But the show was brilliant. The crowd seemed to go mental when, second song from the end the played "Paddy Put the Pipe Down". The show ended and I went off to find the Zimmers. We all then headed off backstage. As we got into the backstage area, which was pretty crowded, people were recognising Alf Carretta from the Zimmers and they were asking him for his autograph. This was funny when Babyshambles came out and there seemed to be a mutual admiration and exchanging of autographs. Very funny. We did a few shots of them together and then we left. The Zimmers needed their hot drinks and bed and funnily enough, so did I.