Monday, March 05, 2012

Labrinth in London

I raced into Camden after a long day out in the suburbs. I was up at 6am today and tonight's shoot was going to be hard work. Anyway, when I got to Koko in Camden, London, I went to the box office to get my pass. Well, my name wasn't on the list. So, I called the PR people handling Labrinth and they sorted it for me within a few mins, which was nice. I then made my way to the front of Koko and aimed at getting into the photo pit. When I got to the front, Dot Rotten was still performing as support. I wish I had got there earlier and photographed him. Hopefully, I will get to shoot him soon. Anyway, into the small, crowded photo pit I went. There were a couple of friendly faces of photographers that I know. As well as as plenty that I didn't know. Steve Gillet showed up in customary last min style and offered me a sweet. That was a first. Well done Steve! Next time I will stop on my way to a gig and buy some sweets so that I can reciprocate. Anyway, Labrinth came on and was rather good. His second song was, as he said, "Old School" and it was. He performed 'Respect Yourself' which I think was done by the Staple Singers in the very early 70's.. I could easily be wrong though. Anyway, Mr Labrinth was rather good and I was very impressed. I got some rather nice photos and then squeezed my way out of the building. I am now home and have edited the photos and syndicated them to all newspapers and magazines worldwide. So, with a bit of luck, they may be seen in a publication near you soon..