Thursday, June 30, 2005

O2 Wireless Music Festival Day 4

Today was the last day of the O2 Wireless festival. Hyde Park in Central London is going to make way for the biggest show on earth, LIVE8..

Today was a little bit drizzly, rain wise.. It doesn't make it much fun when its raining and you are standing outside with lots of very expensive equipment, that breaks when it becomes wet... I shot the Others first today.. Then shot outside to meet up with Ronnie & Alan Wass. They are part of the Pete Doherty camp, really nice blokes.. I rushed back inside Hyde Park and photographed Kasabian ata press call.. I must admit, I don't like press calls.. To me its not challenging photography, almost just point and shoot stuff, quite boring I think..

Kasabian -
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I then met up backstage with Pete (Doherty) and Kate Moss. Then in no time at all Babayshamble were called up and on stage.. Pete was wearing a rather neat looking hat.. I got some great live shots of him wearing this.. Pete and Babyshambles are idolised by millions now. In my opinion, he is just moving up the ladder big time now. Very shortly to be an all time Legend.

Pete Doherty
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I rushed back to the press room and then very swiftly, Kasabian were up on stage.. So, off I ran, back out into the rain and shot Kasabian, who are bloody fantastic... Whilst I was shooting them, I got a phone call from Ronnie who was backstage with Pete. They wanted me to come back to the dressing room.. So, I finished shooting Kasabian, then legged it backstage to see them again.. I met The General, who was on stage with Babyshambles.. Nice chap, from Jamaica.. He was telling me that I should get out there and do some photo shoots.. May be I will then... Kate Moss was on top form.. We had a laugh, as each time we meet she looks at me and gets scared that I would start shooting her. Which, I wouldn't with out being asked.. Pete told me that they are now off to support Oasis.. I must get along and shoot some of the shows..

The General & Pete Doherty
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

O2 Wireless Music Festival Day 3

Ian McCulloch
Echo & The Bunnymen
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Back to Hyde Park for the last two days of the O2 Wireless Music Festival.. Jon, my number one assistant, Dan Rogers and I arrived there late afternoon. We set ourselves up in the press room as usual.. I saw James Blunt standing in the marquee next to me being interviewed by TV crews, so I waited until they had finished and grabbed him for a quick shoot. We were chatting a bit while I did the shoot. Ii said here you were in the army James.. He said yes, that's right. But I am not in it now.. I said to him you don't say, I didn't think he had flown here in a Sherman tank.. Anyway, he is a nice geezer and seems to be on thecrest of a wave at the moment.

I then went and shot the first act on the main stage.. It was, funnily enough, James Blunt.. He seemed super confident. Today in the photo pit, there seems to be a lot of people shooting on Dixon's specials. Real cheap little cameras. How do they get passes??? They just seem to get in our way. They don't understand the protocol, if you know what I mean.. They stand in front of our lenses and knock into us.. Silly buggers....

I got back into the press room only to find that the festival was truly living up to its name. As Jon said to me this truly is the Wireless Festival. We have no wireless to send any images out on.. The internet was down, then on, then down, then on.. Great fun...

I managed to get some some shots of Rufus Wainwright in the marquee where he was being interviewed, simmilar to the James Blunt shots earlier..

Rufus Wainwright
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Gaz Coombes Supergrass
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Next up was Echo & The Bunneymen after them were, Rufus Wainwright, Supergrass & headlining were the fantastic, Keane.. One funny thing Rufus Wainwright said as in the middle of his first song, was ' I was molested in this park when I was a kid, its nice to be back' well he is a talented lad, but slighty off the wall.

Tom Chaplin of Keane
Copyright 2005 DannyClifford

Monday, June 27, 2005

Coldplay at National Sports Arena - Crystal Palace

Chris Martin - Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I was really tired today.. Got up and got straight into editing etc.. Made sure all camera's were charged up etc.. Lots of admin and correspondence.. Then got off on my way early to South London.. National Sports Arena, Crystal Palace..

Massive open air arena, jam packed.. It was a really nice summers evening.. There was only one stroppy tosser moaning about photographers being in his way.. Even though the stage was about 7 feet off the ground, at least.. I was not in this idiots way, but he did go on and on.. What a pain he was.. Anyway,, enough of that idiot.. Coldplay are amazing.,.

I cant think of any band in the world like them.. They really are now one of the biggest bands in the world.. I got some nice shots of them.. Even though it was such a high stage etc etc..

Chris Martin
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back to Bournemouth & Jeff Beck in London

Jeff Beck - Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Up early, belted down to Bournemouth.. This should be the last day of filming for a while.. I think we will wrap it up today..

Got it all done.. and back up that motorway towards Londinium.. This time to the Royal festival Hall to shoot Jeff beck.. He is the final act of a weeks worth of concerts put together by Patti Smith.. Titled, 'Pattis Smith's Meltdown.. I just made it for Jeff beck.. It took me 4 hours to get from Bournemouth to London.. I saw a tint bit of Flea ( Red Hot Chilli Peppers) Then, she introduced him as their Jewel in The Crown.. and on he came. He played Jimmy hendrix's ' Hey Joe.. He was utterly amazing.. he is such a fantastic guitarist.. and many people say, he is the best in the world..

Saturday, June 25, 2005

O2 Wireless Music Festival Day 2

Firstly I jumped in my car and headed down to the South coast, Bournemouth to be precise.. It was film this today, this time in an ex aircraft hanger at Bournemouth International Airport.. Then at around 4 PM. Back in my car and belted it up to central London.. Find a parking spot near central London's Hyde Park Corner.. Then grab about 3 bags of equipment and leg it to the press entrance for the O2 Wireless Music Festival for day 2.. At least it wasn't raining today...

I had missed the early bands due to my traveling from the south coast. So, the first band up was Roots Manuva.. Very lively band and lively crowd.. I remember photographing them once before in South London and the crowd were very lively then as well. That time I felt I needed an armed guard escorting me to my car.. This time not so bad..

Topping the bill tonight were Basement Jaxx.. They are fantastic.. They came on stage and went for it.. The crowd went mad..

I rushed back to the press room with Jon Gardner my assistant & IT genius. We sent the images out and then as quickly as possible buggered off before the concert ended. Busy day again tomorrow.. Off to Bournemouth early for more in the hangar..

Basement Jaxx
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Friday, June 24, 2005

O2 Wireless Music Festival

Sam Endicott - The Bravery

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

A lovely sunny day it seemed, until lunchtime.. Then over came those dark grey clouds.. At the same time I made my way to London's HydePark for the O2 Wireless Music Festival.. On my way in I bumped into Ray McVeigh. He was going in to see some mates of his performing.. After a bit if faffing about, being sent to different gates for passes.. At the third gate I was directed to, I met up with Raymondo, ( we finally got our passes and went in. I didn't get to say goodbye to Ray or Raymondo, as I think I walked off looking for the Press Office.. I must be going bit mad..
Bernard Sumner of New Order
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
As soon as I had set my computer up and paid my London congestion charge, I was ready to take photos.. The first band up were The Bravery.. Then, Moby, Then last but not least, New Order.. There were two other stages, but the lighting was awful on both of them.. Hardly worth it.. Anyway, during the Bravery, it rained so heavily, that even with the aid of a plastic type of poncho, one of my cameras got very wet. It now shoots continually as soon as you switch it on.. It's kind of buggered.. I have now put it in the airing cupboard in hope that it dries out without a problem.. Failing that, it will be off for repair.. It's now 3 am on Saturday morning and just for a change, I am absolutely shattered.. I have to be up very early as I am off to the south coast, Bournemouth to be precise to do some filming. Not stills.. Then I race back up to London to shoot day two of the O2 Wireless Festival..

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brian Wilson at Hampton Court Palace

I met up during the morning with the one and only Brian Wilson of The Beachboys.. We had arranged an exclusive photo shoot. We met at Hampton Court Palace, down by the River Thames in Surrey, UK.. A perfect setting.. We did the shoot on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Brian Wilson
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

In fact one part of the shoot with Brian sitting, was taken on the famous King Henry VIII Steps.. The is right underneath the room where Anne Bolyn was held prior to her execution in 1536. King Henry had Anne Bolyn beheaded for unfaithfulness. So watch out all of you philanderers... Anyway, Brian seemed to like doing the shoot..

Brian and I were talking a bit about his gig last year at The Royal Festival Hall, London.. I shot thsi show.. Brian said, "that show was amazing... I loved that show" mind you, so did I..

When we finished Brian went straight over the stage area and did the sound check.. This in itself was quite amazing. They ran through so many Beach Boys hits.. The band touring with Brian are so good.. They do actually sound better than the Beach Boys, in my opinion..

I went for a walk around the grounds of Hampton Court and bumped into my two mates Ray and Malcolm. They were sitting out near hospitality.. Slowly sampling all of the wines on offer.. I hope they weren't driving home.. They seemed rather merry to say the least.

Malcolm & Raymondo (dangerous men, must not be approached)
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Time was rocking on and we all headed into the concert arena.. On the way in we bumped into James Quinton..Another music photgrapher.. and a rather good ona at that.. All four of us stumbled in to the arena. A few mins later on came Brian.. He was in spectacular form.. The crowd obviously loved him.. I know I say this a lot, but yet again a real Legend...

Brian Wilson
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Van The Man

After a mad morning, meetings etc.. I headed over to The Boogaloo in Highgate, in North London. There was a photoshoot taking place there. It was for Italian Vogue magazine.. They were shooting Shane MacGowan & Spider Stacey from the Pogues, Mick Jones from the Clash.. And Carl Barat & Pete Doherty from or more precisely, ex-Libertines. Now this must have been a real learning curve for the fashion world.. All was going swimmingly, until someone noticed that Pete wasn't there.. and knowing Pete as I do a little, he wasn't going to make it at all.. Surprise surprise, he didn't..

The seemed to be a few very stressed looking Italians and by the sound of a few other accents, Americans as well. I went and had a few words with Shane & Spider. Shane was completely, out of it.. He managed a 'Hello Danny' as his head then bounced back onto the table with a thud..

I said goodbye to Gerry O'Boyle, who, with his partner John, own the Boogaloo..

Off I went to Hampton Court Palace to photograph the one and only, Van Morrison.

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

What a fantastic setting. The home of King Henry VIII. It was a warm and sunny evening. Before the concert, thousands of people were picnicking around the grounds. Then after they all streamed into the open air arena and had taken their seats, on came Van.. I think I got some nice live shots of him.. I hope he likes them.. and in time I will find out.. We will see.

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sir Elton John at Watford Football Club

Sir Elton John performed at his beloved Watford Football Club... I presume he wanted to help the club in some way. This was a benefit concert for the club.. Lulu was on first as main support.. She never ever ages.. Then on came Sir Elton and from what I saw and heard was fantastic.. He really is a LEGEND... I only got to shoot the first two songs, the second of which was behind his piano and couldn't really get a clean shot of him. So, in reality I only got to shoot one song.. Anyway, I am very happy with the shots considering.

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

The stewards at the football club, were bloody awful.. Richard, the press officer was wonderful and very helpful. But the stewards were quite revolting. They were constantly telling us photographers that we couldn't stand were we were. Even though we were given instructions as to where to stand by their boss Richard.. They were argumentative and thick idiots.. So, I wont be going there again after they read this.. But don't think they will, as I doubt they can read..

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Motorhead 30 Year Anniversary

Cant beleive it's been 30 years of Motorhead Magic !!! I got to Hammersmith Carling Apollo in reasonably good time. I squeezed into the photo pit.. It wasnt too bad there were only 25 other photographers.. Oh what fun. I find a spot and stay there..

One of the support bands, Saxon were playing.. I slowly had a look around me and as I looked at the crowd, I realised that I was very much in the minority, coming by car that is.. I must say it's not that often that you will see so many, drunk bikers & Hells Angels under one roof.. Looking around, I had that warm feeling of welcome beaming from each and every biker that growled at me for being in their way, such nice boys..

After a very long break between Saxon, Motorhead finally came on stage. By now the heat in the audatorium was really kicking up a rather unpleasant hum of neat biker.... Anyway, being the true pro that I am, I suffered in silence and just go on with it.

Every time I have shot Motorhead in the past, the lighting has been pretty grim.. This time was no exception.. We all finished the three allocated songs and left. As we left, we were stopped by security and told that we could shoot the last part of the show when a lighting rig, shaped like a bomber was lowered over the band and lit up.. Oh how exciting this was to be. Only a few photographers actually were told this.. Not because were are special, just that we were the only photographers they could find.. So, a few of u waited and went back in to shoot the encore, with this bomber.. We were all invited to the aftershow party.. By now there were only a few of us brave soldiers left..

Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

At the aftershow I bumped into the one and only Ray McVeigh. He is a big buddy of Lemmy. I did a little tour last year with Glen Matlock (ex Sex Pistol's) and his band The Philistines. Ray is in that band.. He tells such great stories. Whe I do ever get round to having some sort of a party, he is on the list. Leave the aftershow.. for yet another late laet night..

Before I go, one more very important event, today and tomorrow. Two of my nephews, Ethan & Russell, who may be named after the photographer who shot the Beatles, Ethan Russell, are graduation from their schools. So big CONGRATULATIONS to them.
Copyright 2005 Simon Clifford

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Billy Corgan

In to London get some bits. Photographic bits that is. Straight out of London and send pictures over for the official site for Nelson Mandela's charity, 46664. Hopefully, they will start appearing in the next day or so on the site... No doubt, some will be mine and some Dave Hogan's. I must admit, I am looking forward to seeing them on the site.. I see tha Zucchero has started to put some of my shots on his official site.

Back into London again to photograph the former frontman of The Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan, Billy Corgan. He was playing at The Forum, in London UK. Rather badly lit, but did get some shots out of it.. His music was a little different.. Had a nice chat with two other photographers, George Chin and Brian after the gig.. I think we put the world to rights.. Maybe we should be in politics !! Actualy, maybe not..

Got back edited them up.. Went to be at about 4 am.. Just for a change... I am so bloody nocturnal. I need to get it back into a kind of normal sleep pattern.

Billy Corgan
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Love Thy Neighbour

Today I went and met up with actor Jack Smethurst, perhaps best known in the UK for his role as Eddie Booth in 1970's sitcom, 'Love Thy Neighbour'. Jack has done such a lot of UK TV (including Coronation Street, Z-Cars, 'Last of the Summer Wine') and many films as well. He is currently in UK Soap 'Casualty'. We spent a few hours at his house and had a really nice chat and got some very nice photos, in my opinion... But I would say that wouldnt I.

I had a nice chat with my cousin Nathan, who is out in LA at the moment.. Sound like he is having fun with the family..

Jack Smethurst - copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

Monday, June 13, 2005

Trying to catch up

Loads of emails to deal with and pictures to get out to different people, magazines, newspapers etc etc.. Not a minute to scratch my head.. Well it wasn't itching luckily.. I have a shoot tomorrow so I need to get things prepared for that as well.

I was interviewed today by the British Journal of Photography. They want to know what cameras I use and why etc etc.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

No sleep till London

I have just got back to London.. It's been a long, long day.. I travelled to the airport with the lead singer from the Kaizers Orchestra.. They are so mad, they are very very different and well worth checking out.. When I got to check in, Johnny Borrell was there with the restof Razorlight.. He said he had had yet another sleepless night.. yesterday he told me he had been up for two days so far.. This will be his third.. Good old 'rock and roll' eh Johnny !!!

I did have a nice time at the airport in Tromso with Robert Plant and his band.. What a thoroughly nice band they are. Mind you, brilliant musicians as well. We all flew from Tromso to Oslo. Robert Plant & co were staying the night in Oslo. Tomorrow they head out to New Jersey to start their US tour. I caught the next plane from Oslo to London.. Now I am home.. ang it's very dark, how od is that..

Saturday, June 11, 2005

46664 Arctic Concert Today

Got up got my gear together, met Dave Hogan in the lobby. We had a car waiting for us to take us to The Rica Hotel to prepare for the arrival of Nelson Mandela. Just before I left the hotel, I was called and asked if I could firstly go the the concert venue and take some shots whilst it was still empty. We dropped Dave Hogan at the Rica and went on to the venue. I shot the arena and all that moved. Then a car arrived to pick me up and rush me back to the Rica Hotel. I went straight in and fortunately everything was well arranged, thank you Mr Hogan. He is someone you would like by your side if you go to war.. Anyway, within a minute or so, Nelson Mandela arrived. In he came and the Dave and I both shot Nelson Mandela on his own and hen with all of the performers. There were so many I cant remember them all, but some were, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant, Brian May, Zucchero, Sharon Corr, Peter Gabriel and many more..

We all then moved into another room where the general press were also included. TV News crews, News photographers and journalists. No questions were asked. We took shots for about 1 minute. Then that was it, Nelson Mandela was guided out and away..

I then sat and started editing my photos for the next few hours.. Whilst editing, lots of the performers came over and asked to see the shots. Robert Plant came over we had a chat and he looked at the shots, photo below (copyright Dave Hogan). He seemed to think that one of them would be a nice if he put holly round it and sent it out as his Christmas card..

Robert Plant & I having a look at the images that I had just taken of him.
Photo copyright 2005 Dave Hogan

Then a car arrived and took me, Dave and his assistant Clare, back to our hotel. I needed to collect my studio lights. As well as shooting the show and backstage area and all of the surroundings, I was doing a shoot for a UK Daily broadsheet paper with Annie Lennox sometime later. We then were driven to the venue. The scenery is utterly amazing in Tromso. The people are really wonderful and helpful. We arrived at the venue and immediately started shooting. One act after another were on, with hardly any break in between.... It was non stop. I was then asked to go and take one of the military boats and head back over to the mainland. The concert is being staged on an island.. Off I went and rushed over to get the Navy to get me out to sea. Then I could look back and take some shots. I nearly fell in as well. Would have been very funny, not...

As I got back, I heard Razorlight were on stage. I flew around the front and shot them live. Then did a quick shoot with them backstage. As I did with many of the artists.

I Photographed Nelson Mandela again. I also did the shoot with Annie Lennox, who is so nice.. Annie came off stage and straight round to me at the back of the stage, where I had a little studio type of setup for this shoot. We did some shots there, then we did some outside on the side of the stage at the back. The sun was right behind her and very very bright coming over her shoulder. The mad thing about this is that it was virtually midnight. It was brighter than most middays in the UK. Quite amazing..Anyway Annie is really easy to work with.

I Then continued to shoot the show.. and all backstage oportunities as well. There is loads more for me to put in this diary for this day, but as I write this, it's 4 am. I need to edit more photos and yes it's broad daylight... I will have to put more on this event when I get a second. Maybe on one of the flights home.

Friday, June 10, 2005

More Tromso...

Today has been quite a busy day to say the least.. I got up had a shower and had a car pick me up and take me to a building, a little like a barn in a way. Not too far from the concert area, about a mile or so.. This is where the rehearsals are taking place. I shot them for most of the day. Zucchero was there with Brian May, Sharon Corr and others. It was quite intimate.

Sharon Corr
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I got some nice shots, considering that this rehearsal room was painted balck on all walls and ceiling, which was about 30tf high. Very little light in there at all and no use of any flash lighting at all. I am not complaining, it's just stretches the boundaries a tad..

Brain May & Zucchero rehearsing in Tromso..
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford.

I finished all of the rehearsals and had a car rush me to the harbour, where Kong Harald, very large Norwegian cruise ship was moored. There was a long red carpet for all celebes to walk up, so up I went. I am no celeb, but it was the only way onto the ship. I then took the eleveator to the seventh floor. Where the press conference was just in full swing. I made it just in time. I went with all of the main performers and dignitaries to the rear deck where Dave Hogan, the other official photographer & I took a few shots of them.

I then left the ship as it was about to set off for a tour around Tromso Island for an hour or so. I would love to have gone, but didnt have the time.

Annie Lennox & Zucchero aboard Kong Harald
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford

I headed back to the hotel. I then got a car down to meet up with Brian May, who had just been told that in the Queens Honours list released tomorrow, he is to receieve a CBE. So congratulations Brian. I d di tell him that as soon as I saw him at his hotel. I did some nice shots, as did Dave Hogan of Brian, with great backdrop of Tromso harbour, mountains, cathedral and all. The photos look wonderful.

Then we hot footed in to the hotel where we will be shooting Mr Mandela and performers tomorrow. Dave Hogan & I needed to make sure that all would be in order when the moment arrives.. Which will be at about 1:30 pm tomorrow.

We then headed back to our hotel for about 15 mins, then had a car pick us up and take us to the venue. This was the first time I had been there. Robert Plant was already doing his sound check. So, I shot out to the fornt of the stage and got some shot sof that. Once he was off stage It was raining gently, so I went into the Green Room. Sat down checked my emails and sent some of my images out. I was sitting with Sharon Corr and Caroline. What nice ladies they are. Sharon wanted to see the shots that I took of her earlier at rehearsals. She said she liked them. I hope she did, maybe she was being polite. My little brother called me, he had landed in Miami on his way back to Los Angeles. Why he went via Miami only he knows. Oh I know, Nick you planned it didnt you!! Nick at times has acted as travel agent for me.. Interesting.... Anyway, back in the green room, Brian May and Robert plant seemed to be deeeply engrossed in conversation at a table near me. A car was then called for us and Dave Hogan and I headed back to our hotel. It is broad daylight. I mean really bright. Imagine lunchtime wherever you are and that is pretty much what its like here all thourgh the night. NO darkeness at all. It's quite hard to imagine this, isnt it....

Dave Hogan and I dropped our camers off in our rooms and popped out for a quick, very unhealthy bite to eat. Then we headed back to the hotel for a quick drink in the mad busy bar. We then called it a night and off to bed, not together, I hasten to ad.

I worked on more photos and made sure all cameras were ready for a long and busy busy day tomorrow. I am going to need, spinach, Red Bull and vitamins to get through tomorrow.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tromso, Norway

I headed of to Heathrow this morning and arrived with plenty of time, my flight to Oslo was at 1:05pm. Dave Hogan and his assistant Clare was on the flight, as was Brian May and Annie Lennox. We arrived in Oslo and had a late lunch.. Then boarded our next flight up to trims. Eventually arrived up in Tromso at 8:30 PM. Whilst we were in baggage claim, TV crews were there to greet Brian May and Annie Lennox for brief interviews. It was all very civilized.. We were met at the airport and taken to our hotel. We threw our bags in our rooms and went off for a kind of working meal. Very nice food by the waters edge. We had a bit of a press briefing, which was quite important as there is a lot to do tomorrow.. We left the restaurant at around midnight and it was as light as it was at lunch time.. All very surreal.. Then back to the hotel for a swift orange juice with Dave Hogan and his assistant. He is such a nice chap.. Then off to bed. I cant believe its so bright outside.. Looking forward to tomorrow..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

200 miles North of the Arctic Circle !!

Get ready, warm clothes !! I haven't got many of those.. The music biz seems to take me to mostly warm climates.. Tomorrow morning I am off to Tromso, Norway. This is apparently 20 miles above the Arctic Circle. No night time 24 hours daylight. This should be fun.

I have been asked to be one of the 2 official photographers for Nelson Mandela's 46664 Concert being held there on Saturday. Performers include, Brian May, Robert Plant & Strange Sensation, Razorlight, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, plus loads more including Nelson Mandela himself. This is all to promote his charity 46664 (which was his prison number).

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Very Bad Day

Well today I have been printing up photos and editing shots and dealing a small part of the mountain of correspondence that I need to deal with.. I get a call from my dad in LA. He tells me that my brother in law has been murdered.. He was shot in my sisters car on the south side of Los Angeles.. It was all over the news channels in LA.. I spent the afternoon on the phone to all of my family regarding this... They haven't caught anyone for this yet..nor do they seem to have a motive.

I got my camera's together and headed down to The Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London. I photographed Fightstar.. Charlie Simpson, formerly of Busted's new band. The Electric Ballroom is bloody horrible. I had to fight my way through hundreds of sweaty little urchins to get into the photo pit.. Then after I had finished again, out through the more sweaty little urchins and away and outside into the fresh air.. Which I hasten to ad is full of nutters.. Camden Town is now, in my opinion, not far away from LA's South Central.. If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a wander up through Camden, then you will be stopped by so many weirdo's. Police sirens going off everywhere.. You need to be armed..

Monday, June 06, 2005

Big Linda

Down to the Boogaloo in Highgate, North London with my little brother, Simon and his partner Nick and Randy, for Big Linda's first ever gig. The place was packed, Pete White another of Andy Wright's artists was on first. Great songs and a really distinctive voice.. I hear he has just got a record deal in South Africa.. Then on came Big Linda.. They were quite amazing in every way... They are going to be big...very big.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Vapors & XTC

I have been scanning old images. I found some shots of The Vapours. They were around in the late 78-79. I think they had a hit with a song 'I am going Japanese'. This song seems to be getting plenty of airplay even now.. I also found some great old shots of XTC as well... I will get some of these shots on my site as soon as I can.

My little brother arrived at Heathrow airport from LA. He came in via Munich where they had been for a few days. He is with his partner Nick, they make such a sweet couple. They also had Randy with them, this is his first trip to Europe.. I hear they are off to Cambridge tomorrow, punting..

Friday, June 03, 2005

Rays Gigs

Just remebered, I wanted to mention my mate Raymondo. He has a website where he reviews gigs that he has been to. I cant beleive how many there have been over the years. His site is well worth a look. The address is I must admit I use it as a point of reference at times, for dates times etc.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Watch out for Big Linda at The Boogaloo

Had an early morning call from Joyce Moore, she is the wife of Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) and manager of Billy Preston.. Her and Billy were passing through London en-route to Copenhagen to do a TV special.. They will be back next week in the UK for a day. Billy is performing on Later with Jools at the BBC.

I have had one of those days today.. Paperwork, paperwork, editing, correspondence etc. Anyway, at least I feel like I am getting somewhere.

Now, Big Linda, a GREAT new band, produced by my mate Andy Wright (Jeff Beck, Simply Red etc etc) are playing their first gig on Monday 6th of June.. This will be at The Boogaloo in Highgate, North London.. I have heard what they were doing in the studio at Metropolis with Andy and they sound amazing. It's so hard to describe them as they are four young geezers who look good and sound a bit like Led Zeppelin amongst others.. They are bloody great.. So, if you fancy seeing their first ever gig, get down to on Monday night 312 Archway Road, Highgate, London.. I think this will be a bit of history in the making. By the way, the name, big Linda came from an ex Porn Star they they met who they referred to as 'Big Linda' and there you go... you learn something every day..

I am now getting on with editing and paperwork..

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Beck at Carling Apollo Hammersmith - London UK

Went to Hammersmith, West London shot Beck in concert. Almost non existent lighting.. Ohh what fun..