Saturday, February 09, 2013

Carl 'The Jackal' Frampton - Belfast

I am now in Belfast with Team McGuigan. I am photographing the preparation to the big fight tonight in at The Odyssey Arena here in Belfast. Car Frampton is fighting the European champion, Kiko Matinez from Spain and hopefully Carl will will spank him. I have been spending lots of tie with Carl, his trainer, Shane McGuigan and my friend Barry McGuigan and his family. Its all quite relaxed in the camp. We all had dinner last night and this morning we met early for an official weigh in again. Obviously different from the one yesterday that kicked off so to speak. I was on a plane as that happened yesterday. Anyway, this morning we have all had breakfast together. Carl had some wonderful power food. Carl then went and had a rub down and stretch. I photographed all of this. We then went for a walk around Belfast,which was nice. 

We are now back at the hotel and Carl is having a sleep. Then its lunch time! All i know then is that later we are all going to the Odyssey Arena together and its the BIG FIGHT.. I will be shooting it all from ringside. Its going to be epic. COME ON CARL!