Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funny Those Doctors

So, after a bad night and no sleep, I made an emergency appointment to see my doctor. I got to the surgery and waited in the reception until called into his private room. So, after a few minutes of discussions as to how I felt etc I asked him what he thought! He said, could you make sure you leave me one of your Nikon camera's. So, after we laughed and I left the room, I thought, blimey, is that it, is it time to decide who is to have my camera's, the cheeky monkey. Anyway, I will obviously be taking no notice of him and steam onwards regardless.. I have loads of photo editing to do tonight, so, I am going to be busy. I found some more old Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd shots from the late 70's, so, I will try and scan them tonight as well. Mind you, I am tired so, may have an early night and get on them tomorrow. Bloody doctors !!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rock and Roll Photos for sale

I have just put a new section on my website called Pront Sales. I have put photos of Jimmy Page , Shane MacGowan, Queen, Amy Winehouse, The Who, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Status Quo, Beyonce and others. I am going to put some more on soon. But that's enough for now.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tollins on Chorleywood Common

I had no idea what a Tollin was until late last week. My friend and journalist Jill Visser emailed me and told me all about them. I was reading the email and it explained that Tollins are little people who live under the wooded Common in Chorleywood Hertfordshire, England. I carried on reading the email and it explained that they were all real and quite magical. I then stopped and looked at my phone again, where the email was and re read it. I thought for a moment I was going mental. Little people who live under the common!!! Obviously they cannot be real, I am such an idiot. For a split second I thought they could be and I didn't understand how I had never heard about them before. So, a few days later, I went with Jill and photographed Tollins on the common.
Tollins on Chorleywood Common
Copyright 2009 Danny Clifford

They were as described, little people who do in fact live under the common. There is a book out now telling us all about them. It is published by Harper Collins.