Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Matt Goss

Albert Hall tonight to shoot Matt Goss, formerly of Goss. I got there early and wandered into collect my photo pass . There is a bit of new construction going on by the box office, so, we all had to go in through other doors which was rather odd. Anyway, we were taken in by security and led to the front of the stage. Then after a few mins of confusion, we were re positioned by the mixing desk. This didn't please a lot of the photographers who had short lenses. You cant get much from the back of the Royal Albert Hall with a 200mm, which seemed to be lens of choice of many of the experienced photographers!! Anyway, there were about two or three of us with longer lenses. I must say, the lighting was fabulous. Matt Goss was surprisingly fabulous. I say surprisingly, I have never seen or photographed him before. I kind of missed Bros back in their day. But, tonight, he was rather good. Very entertaining and talented. I now know why Las Vegas have taken him under their wing. he is now becoming a very big star in that part of the world and judging by the reaction of the packed crowd at the Albert Hall, I think he is about to explode of here as well. So, well done Matt and good luck with the future. Great show! Even though, I was there for only three songs..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Squeeze Photo Shoot

I left home early and aimed at South East London. I was going to the meet up with the band Squeeze. One of my all time favourite bands.. Today we are doing some studio type setups and some candid shots rehearsing etc. So, I allowed myself plenty of time to get there, but, I didn't know that the Blackwall Tunnel that goes under London's River Thames was closed.. So, when we, I say we because, my oldest son, Jonathan came along to help me. So, we got to the tunnel entrance we were greeted by signs saying Tunnel closed. This caused us and about a 100,000 other people major problems. So, I finally arrived at Glen Tilbrook's recording studio about an hour and a half late. Fortunately, Chris Difford was also stuck in the traffic and he arrived about an hour after us.

Chris was there, we got straight on with the first shot. Then steadily worked our way through all of the different shots that we had to do. It is always a pleasure working with Squeeze. They are all such nice guys. Everyone in the Squeeze camp are lovely. They have a very nice family feel about things within the camp.
Copyright 2010 Danny Clifford. All Rights Reserved

We spent about 4 hours shooting various setups and then we did some shots in the rehearsal room. That in itself was fabulous as they were just running over some tunes, Like 'Hour Glass' & 'Is That Love' They sounded absolutely fantastic. Sitting in there with them was like having my own private Squeeze show, amazing.. Anyway, We stopped as the lunch (late lunch) arrived. So, we all stopped and sat in the nice open plan reception area. We had now also finished shooting for the day. I was aware that I wanted to get going before the local football team (soccer) finished their home game and unleashed their masses on the local roads. So, we made a swift exit and headed off into the sunset and back to the North West London. Before we left, Matt and Suzanne, the management, gave Jonathan and I a copy of the new album each, 'Spot The Difference' We listened to it on the way home. It is virtually their greatest hits and brilliant.. Go and buy it! They are fantastic..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Night at Kitsch Lounge Riot

I went down to the Proud Cabaret near Fenchurch Street Station in London last night. Just me and my mate Little Jon. Met up with Richard Evans and his dad Lord Evans. Then in she came like a whirlwind, Tara Palmer Tomkinson.. I think she is such a laugh, so much energy and always up for a laugh.. She insisted in having a photo taken of her and I together, but she wanted to wear my £5 jacket from GAP.. What a nutter!! She is a really nice girl. I did a portrait shoot with the one and only Loyd Grossman backstage as well. He also is very nice and extremely interesting. Loyd was performing later on stage with his compatriot, Valentine Guinness. They recently performed at Glastonbury.. Quite amazing. Loyd plays guitar and Valentine sings.. All rather good I must say.. Before and after the performances we were entertained by Burlesque dancers. One of the girls joined the table where Richard and Lord Evans were based. Her name is Banbury Cross.. Very funny. Anyway, Jon and I left at a reasonable time and headed off into the cold London night..