Friday, April 27, 2007

Hed Kandi & Monarch Airlies Launch Ibiza Flights

Lunch time I headed up to London Luton Airport. I had to meet the PR for Monarch Airlines at the Harrods Aviation Private Lounge. The plan was to shoot a new aircraft now painted up with the new logos etc. Hed Kandi have joined forces with Monarch Airlines to launch flights from 5 UK airports to Ibiza in the Meditaranean Sea.

I did some shots of the aircraft on the tarmac and then did some shots of the girls "The Kandi Girls" in front of the plane. Eventually, Tim Jeans, the Managing Director of Monarch Airlines and Dan Baxter, General Manager of Hed Kandi arrived together. So, we did some shots of them also in front of the aircraft. Then, we boarded the plane and I then realised that there was a plan to go flying somewhere.

So it was seat belts on and up up and away. We took off and headed out over the Isle of Wight on the south coast of England. The flight was only an hour long and we headed back and landed at Luton Airport. I shot the Tim Jeans and Dan Baxter in the cockpit. Then got a couple of the Hed Kandi girls in there as well. Then we all disembarked and headed back into the Harrods Aviation Private Lounge where we had all started. I had my laptop with me, so, sat down and sent the images straight out from there. I finally left Luton Airport and headed off south back to the Hottwire offices.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Down to Oceanic Studios

I had quite an early start for me at least it was. I had to get to Pete Townshends studio in Richmond by 10:30 am and pick up Ben my assistant at a station along the way. We arrived at Oceanic and saw the rest of the worlds assembled press all drinking coffee, tea etc. It was all very civilised. This event was for the launch of Pete Townshend and Lawrence Ball's "The Method". It is a computerised way of making music. I cant go into to much detail here as it is reasonably complicated, but, it does seem like quite an amazing thing. There were so many journalists there that I am sure it is going to be very widely reported. We all sat an listened to Pete make his presentation with Lawrence. Then we all wandered outside. Pete then gave the photographers the chance to get a nice shot of him. I did shoot him at that time as well, but after all of the other photographers had finished I did an exclusive little shoot with Pete and Lawrence on there own.

Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford. All rights reserved

After leaving Oceanic, Ben and I headed back out of town to our offices. We stopped at the first fuel stop as we were low. I my phone rang and it was my brother in LA. Ben asked me if I wanted hm to fill the car up, so I said yes please and I carried on talking to my brother. Ben asked me if it was unleaded. Now also bear in mind that I had only had about an hours sleep the night before and I was on the phone as well. I said to Ben yes unleaded. Well, you can guess what is coming next. yes we headed out of the garage and got all of about 200 yards or metres whatever you prefer and that was it. The car stopped in the middle of the road. Ben and I looked at each other and then we realised what had happened. Oops We had unleaded fuel now in a diesel car. Not a good situation. This was my fault, not his, after all he did ask me what to put in the car and I did say unleaded. What a plonker eh!! So, after a few hours wait, the vehicle was recovered and taken back to my house. I then immediately jumped into another car and headed back into London, Chelsea to be precise. This was to shoot a party for a friend of mine. They have a clothing store on the Kings road and a few celebs were rolling up and they needed me to get some shots. Eventually got home pretty late and I was very tired. Needed sleep or i wont be operating very well tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Zimmers at Tiger Tiger in London

The Zimmers with a collective age of 3000 performed their first ever live gig. This was at Tiger Tiger in The Haymarket in London's West End. They performed the song that they have recorded "My Generation" originally performed by The Who. It was absolutely amazing. They are such a wonderful bunch. Mind you so are all of the people who are involved behind the scenes.. Here are some of the shots from this event.

Buster (100 years Old)

Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford. All rights reserved.

Tim Samuels, the man who put this all together and BBC Presenter, introduces The Zimmers to the audience.

Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford. All rights Reserved

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The diary is back

It's been many months since I wrote on my diary. There is a simple reason for that. I have been bloody busy. towards the middle of last year I decided to move away from the agency that I syndicated my photos through and start my own photo agency. This is something I should have done 20 years ago. Anyway, after much consideration and much more money that I had ever thought it could be, I started www.hottwire. net. So, as the company was formed in the UK it immediately took all of my time 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So, sadly, i didn't have time for many things including my diary. I am now going to try and find the time to keep it as up to date as possible. I am fed up with all of the emails from people asking me where the diary is and also more recently asking me if I am dead. Well, not yet anyway.