Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pixie Lott - Brighton

I am working a bit with Pixie Lott. In fact I am shooting this for her and her mum personally. So, we arranged that I would meet up with them in Brighton. So, headed down there to meet up around 4. Pixie and the team were travelling up from Devon and expected to get there at 4. So, when I got there I was met by here security man who took me straight out to shoot the sound check. Then after that we all went up to the dressing room. I shot some nice candid documentary shots. We then went and had a bite to eat in Catering and then Pixie was getting ready for the show. I shot Pixie going down to the stage and then the show. I must say, she is a very talented girl and the show was fantastic. She really can sing. In fact, more than that, she is a born entertainer and whilst I don't wan to state the obvious, she is going to be enormous. I should have known this already, as I was told by my friend Graham Sulkin and his son Gregg how good she was, a long time ago and as usual, he was right. Watch out USA and rest of the world, because she will be coming and she is fantastic. Pixie's mum and dad were with her all of the time and are also, lovely people. All in all a very pleasant day with Pixie and great photos of her.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cambridge with Squeeze

Well, again, foggy, snowy and wintry, but, here we are in Cambridge with Squeeze. Today is the Corn Exchange. Lovely old venue in a wonderful city. You can feel the intellect here in Cambridge, other than the dumb idiot who stepped off the kerb in front of us without looking at all as we were driving into the city centre.. Other than that stupid cow, I imagine they are all pretty bright here.. Again the lightning Seeds supporting and the mighty Squeeze on as headliners. I shot the sound check and then we went off to catering and had a wonderful meal with the chaps. Then a bit later took some nice shots of the boys before they went on stage. This was just in corridor as they were being led to the stage. After the show I met up with Glenn in his dressing room where we had a look at some shots from the a Nottingham gig. Then it was time to go. The boys headed North as they were off to Norwich, I was back to Londinium.. Another great night with Squeeze.