Friday, November 19, 2010

Squeeze in Foggy Nottingham

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Jon and I set off to Nottingham at about 1pm. Our aim was to get there at about 4pm. This was a Friday though and the roads were foggy! So, we took a slow careful drive and arrived about 4
pm. We made our way backstage and said hi to the band and crew.

Then we made our way out to get some lunch, dinner of whatever. After this we headed back and arranged to shoot Glenn and Chris with some rather nice Fender guitars that have been designed by artist Damien Hirst. Chris and Glenn were in fine spirits.

We then did a very quick shoot with the talented keyboard Steve Nieve. Steve started off with Elvis Costello and The Attractions and has played with many others. I believe he has been a friend in around the Squeeze camp since the early days. he is a very nice chap.

After this photo shoot I decided to leave the chaps backstage and head down to have a look at the auditorium . I wanted to find out how I could get from the front of house back to the stage during the gig. I wanted to shoot from the front of house then get some shots from 0n the stage etc.

This was proving to be a challenge as there were bloody loads of ways of getting from here to there etc. But all of the doors seemed to lock once you have gone through them. Kind of usual scenario at venues. I haven't been to this venue for about 7 years and I couldn't remember the routes through at all.

Anyway, the Lightning Seeds (who are supporting Squeeze on the this tour) had now finished. This was a shame as I wanted to shoot them. They are also a great band. It was only a few mins later when I had positioned myself in the crowd, when Squeeze came on. The crowd went mad and were up on their feet. This really does confirm to me that Squeeze are back big time. They really are loved by so many fans and also being discovered for the first time by a younger generation, who were there in droves. As expected, they played hit after hit and they were truly phenomenal. I found myself a position at the front of the stage and stayed there for most of the show. That way I could catch the band with the wonderful backdrops being projected behind them through out the show.

There was one very funny art when the band just break into a brilliant and very funny dance routine. I was surprised, I knew nothing about it before. After the show, we headed up to the backstage area where the band prepared to meet local friends and some lucky fans. David Bailey had made it backstage and told me his drive from Devon to Nottingham had taken him about 6 hours, what with the fog and the fact that it was Friday. He arrived a few mins before the gig. Now, that's dedication for you!

Jon and I didn't hang around too long as we had to head back to London and it was getting more foggy by the minute. So, off we went and headed south. Another brilliant show with Squeeze..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Squeeze - Southend

This is the start of Squeeze 2010 UK tour and it started at a small club as a warm up in Southend on Sea. The club called Chinnerys' is right on the front. I guess it only holds about 400 which I suppose is ideal as a warm up. I travelled down there with my trusted assistant Jon and once we arrived we were standing at the stage door entrance and out came the band. They had just completed their sound check and were off for dinner. Jon and I headed (with band member, John Bentley) inside to have a look around. That is when I first saw the crash barrier in front of the stage. This was going to be exciting whilst shooting. The funny thing is I was only talking the other night to an old friend and photographer, Denis O'Regan about crash barriers. We were laughing about the time he and I went to Holland to shoot Thin Lizzy and we were presented with a metal barrier in front of us all and it was in our way when we were shooting. So, here I am about 100 years on, in Southend, with Squeeze and a crash barrier.. We wandered over to the Merchandise stand and had a look at the tour programme. I was very impressed, it looked fantastic. The designers have done a brilliant job. I have quite a few photos in it. Including the front cover, centre page spread and others. I must say, it is superb and a must for all Squeeze fans. So, and hour or so passed and it was time for the main act. On they came and they hit it. They are sooo good. The lucky few who got tickets for this gig knew every word and sung their hearts out all night to every song, hit after hit. I must say, photographically it wasn't the best lit show I have been to of late, but I suppose I did get a couple of shots that were OK. After the show, Jon and I had a chat and I think he propped himself up in a much better position than me generally, the clever boy. I think that the tour is pretty much sold out, but, where ever you are in the UK, have a look at check out the dates and buy your self some tickets if they are available. This band are Rock Royalty and are without doubt, one of the greatest bands of all time.. If you don't know much about them, get their new album, "Spot The Difference".