Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I was up pretty early today, I didn't feel well as not been to great lately. Anyway, set off at crack of dawn for central London and found a parking space. Sadly about 2 miles from the impending action. Anyway, I got all of my gear together and started the walk. I had a lot of gear including steps etc. It was heavy!! I arrived on Whitehall and settled on a spot that I hoped would do the trick. Sadly as the morning progressed I found more and more people had decided, as they do, to hold up cameras, video cameras, flags and yes, children. So, my view was rather narrow to say the least. Still, being the true pro, I soldiered on and did my best. It was a rather wonderful day all in all and I am very glad I made the effort. I did get some reasonable shots of William and Kate which was nice. I suppose it was kind of the point as to why I was there. Saying that, with millions of flags and arms, children and anything else that could be held up, I was fortunate. I have set up a section on my website called Royal Wedding 2011 and put some of the shots on there. Hope you like!