Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pink FLoyd at The Barbican - London

So, I get a call from a good friend of mine, Bernard McMahon, who handles the PR for the legendary Kevin Ayers formerly of Soft Machine (late 60's). Anyway, Kevin was a close friend of Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. So, Kevin is taking part in a Syd Barrett Tribute Concert at The Barbican Theatre today. I wasn't given much notice, as the telephone call was at about 1:30 pm when Bernard said can I come down and shoot Kevin as soon as poss. I grabbed my cameras, cancelled every thing else I was doing (including a secret gig of Prince at KOKO) and drove down to the Barbican. I arrived there and there was no pass waiting for me at all. After being told by the box office and press desk there was no pass for me, I just walked away and thought I may as well just blag my way into the venue.
Damon Albarn
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

So, off I went without any pass and blagged my way to Kevin Ayers dressing room. When I got there Kevin was there with Tim Shepherd, his manager and his daughter Gallen. We had a chat and I sorted out my cameras.
Duke Erickson of Garbage
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Then Kevin, Tim, Gallen and I headed off to the canteen.

Kevin Ayers, Captain Sensible & Chrissie Hynde
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

After this we all headed back to the dressing rooms and then the show started. There were loads of people backstage, Damon Albarn, John Paul Jones, Robyn Hitchcock, Chrissie Hynde and loads of others.

John Paul Jones & Kevin Ayers
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

Chrissie Hynde was a little bit stressed and stroppy with anyone who went near her. She wasn't making many friends back there. Oh well, there is always one. I always remember her as a nice person, with a bad memory, but, a nice person. So on with the show, Captain Sensible went on and did a song or two, loads of other people went on stage. I think there must have been about 20 different acts performing. Kevin performed a couple great songs. The lighting wasn't that great, but I did what I could. Kevin sang one song then picked up his Hofner guitar and played the second song. So, all was going well. John Paul Jones (formerly of Led Zeppelin) performed. Damon Albarn, Chrissie Hynde. Syd Barretts nephew got up and said a few words.
Martha Wainwright
Copywright 2007 Danny Clifford

There was a kind of half time interval. So, I headed back to the dressing room area. I was chatting to Tim Shepherd and Captain Sensible when I saw all four members of Pink Floyd standing next to me.
Roger Waters & Rick Wright
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

I was quite shocked. I immediately asked them if we could do a shot. They didn't want a shot of them all together. Kind of odd, but, I respect them, its there choice. Anyway, I did take a few shots of Roger and Nick Mason and Roger and Rick Wright. But not all together.
Nick Mason & Roger Waters
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

The break was over and on with the show. Roger Waters came out and did a couple of songs. Then I think Damon Albarn came on and did a great Syd Barrett song. Then on came Joe cant remember his last name right now and chatted about his involvement with Floyd and Syd in the early days. He then said put your hands together for Pink Floyd. On they came, minus Roger Waters. Andy Bell, of Oasis was playing bass guitar. He is a great Bassist.

Pink Floyd
Copyright 2007 Danny Clifford

So, there I was shooting Floyd again. The last time was at Live 8. The time before that was around 1980 and the first time was around 1976.. So, what a gig. I am sorry Prince, but, as much as I love you, I am glad I was at the Barbican for this historical event.