Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Foo Fighters - Rare Acoustic Set - London

This was going to be fun I thought as I was driving to The Apollo Theatre in Victoria. I havent been to this venue since I shot Rory Gallaghers live shots on his Album cover, Photo Finish. That must have been around 1978.. So, I was looking forward to getting inside to see if it had changed at all. When I arrived I got my pass and waited to be taken down to the photo pit. I didnt take any long lenses as I was told we should be at the front. So, in we went and down to the front. Then whilst waiting by the pit with the two other photographers who were there, we were told that we had to shoot from the back of the venue.. We were told move to the back or get out.. All very nice really (not). So, to the back we went. Now those of you who know a little about photography will understand that when you are shooting form the back it is very very difficult. Especially if the lighting was as low as this was going to be..
Copyright 2006 Danny Clifford
It wasnt far off impossible..
So, we shot it and then left, all three of us quite dissapointed.. I managed to salvage a few shots, but this was not good at all.. But, such is life..