Friday, June 02, 2006

Gary Numan - London Somewhere !!!

This was one of those days. So much to do and not enough time. I had loads of admin to deal with and then a meeting in the afternoon. I then got back to my place and grabbed my cameras and headed off to Shepherds Bushg Empire in West London. As I drove up to the venue, I could not see Gary Numan above at the front. I then thought, oh well, maybe I got this wrong and he is playing down the road at Carling Apollo, Hammersmith. So, off I went to Hammersmith. When I go there I couldnt see his name up at the front either. Ummm, this was odd. I thought where is he playing then? So, I pulled over and opened up my laptop. Did a quick search only to find that he was playing at the Hammersmith Palais. I am such a donut.. I should have checked before I left. Toruble is I have been so busy that didnt get a min to check before I left. So, parked up and headed into the Palais. Got searched and went through a metal detector.. Kind of comforting,m but you haveto wonder about the trype of people whe frequent this place. I got into the pit and got my gear ready. Very soon after that Gary Numan came out and got on with it. It appears he has a really loyal following. The place was mobbed, very very full. I shot about 3 quarters of the show and then had to head off as I had another meeting to go to. I did get some rather different type of shots. The show was very colourful and entertaining.