Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Running Around Tokyo

Had quite a few people to see and places to go. Today was my last day in Japan. I headed over to Roppongi Dori for a lunch with Alan at Mediavast. Then headed back to Shibuya.
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
I had to buy a bit of photographic gear. Nothing big, just a waterproof lens cover. Camera gear is so expensive in Japan. Strange, but true..
Copyright 2005 Danny Clifford
Later in the day I headed over to Akaska to meet up with Sean and Steve at the Hobgoblin. Sean had justed finished a rather large job that took him a couple of days really... I think he was now celebrating with a Guiness or five.. After I had consumed my water (stil) and they had finished their drinks we headed by taxi to Ginza to a great Japanese restaurant. This place was owned funnily enough, by an Englishman called Andy. He was a really nice bloke. The food was fantastic.. It had an amazing feel about the place. It was underneath the railway arches and every so often a train would rumble over the top of us. All quite odd, but fabulous.. It was quite late and we headed off and caught a taxi. I was off to my hotel and everyone else was heading back to the Hobgoblin. There were half price drinks as it was the Hobgoblin's birthday. The taxi dropped them off and I continued back to my hotel in Shibuya. I made a few calls back to the UK (which is 9 hours behind Tokyo) and then got to sleep about 3:30am.