Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tokyo Calling

Had a late night last night. So much to do, not enough time.. Eventually went to be just in time to get up. Absolutely shattered.. Got my gear together and headed over to Heathrow airport. I am on my way to Tokyo, this time I am going on Virgin. Easy check in and straight to the gate on the plane .All nice and straight forward.. The only slight hick up was that as I was pulling my laptop in a bag on my back sideways, to make it straight. When, for some very strange reason, also sharply pulled my shirt as well. Which was marvelous as I ripped it right up the side. I don't know my own strength. So, now I am wandering off towards the plane with my shirt literally flapping on the side.. I looked sensational, chic and a little bit Stella McCartney. As I sit on the plane (incidentally above icy Siberia) writing this, I feel that all who pass along my right side are aware that I am half naked. Only another 4 hours until we arrive at Narita airport. I will then collect my rental phone and get on one of the pretty orange Limousine busses for the 2 hour ride to Tokyo.

Go to Narita airport and got the Limousine bus to Tokyo. Got to my hotel, left my bags and got on the Metro and headed over to The Hobgoblin in Akasaka to meet up with the one and only Sean Brophy (ex patriot and professional drinker). He is a really nice geezer. He and his pal Steve had a spot of lunch and I did all I could from helping our Sean from downing a few pints ofGuinnesss as we had lunch, but sadly I failed and his walloped them down in no time at all. I then got back on the metro and headed across town to my hotel. I must admit I was feeling rather shattered by now.